As I Am Coconut Cowash Review

Even after using moisturizing shampoos I still do not have the same suppleness and softness that I get with co-washing. So even though I find that I still have to shampoo every once in a while to rid my hair of buildup, co-washing is my weapon of attack against dryness. Typically when I would co-wash, I would use any old cheapie rinse-out conditioner I had on hand.  However, I became curious about products that were designed specifically for co-washers like myself. One day when I was out doing my monthly product splurge at Walgreen’s something lured me into trying As I Am Coconut Cowash. Maybe it was the sale or maybe it was because I sneaked in a whiff of how amazing the product smells. Whatever it was, I was swayed enough to try and I am glad that I did!

As I Am Coconut Cowash

Key ingredients & Benefits of this Product

The key ingredients of this product include: Tangerine, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Saw Palmetto and Phytosterols. This product is designed to gently cleanse your hair without leaving it stripped and will help you detangle your hair with ease. You are to add this product after wetting your hair, then you work a liberal amount into your hair and scalp just as you would a shampoo. However, unlike a shampoo you will not experience the stripped feeling that you usually get. Wash time will be a more enjoyable experience. Keep in mind, you can get away with co-washing for a while but at some point you will have to use a sulfate-free shampoo at least every once in a while to clarify your hair.

First impressions

The first time I ever used As I Am’s Coconout Cowash my hair was super dry and parched. I ended up letting it sit on my hair for about an hour or so, covering my hair with a plastic cap. When I was ready to rinse out, I loved how refreshed my hair already started to appear. Upon rinsing out my hair was super soft and it held up to my ultimate test: my comb glided through my hair during the detangling process. Anytime my hair is easy to get through after a wash I know the conditioner that I used put in some work. My first impression of this product was exceptional so I continued to use and I am pretty hooked!


How I typically use this product

Now that I am ready to wear more wash n gos I have been practicing the Max Hydration Method and as a part of the co-washing step I use As I Am’s Coconut Cowash. The official Max Hydration website has products that they recommend, this product has not yet made the cut, however, it works great for me so I continue to use it even as a part of this process. I have also used it in my hair overnight and then I have rinsed out in the morning so I can wake up to more moisturized hair.

Where to purchase

This product is reasonably priced and found at most of your favorite stores like, Walgreen’s, Target, and Sally’s Beauty Supply. It is also available on their website Depending on where you purchase it from it ranges from about $7 to $12 for a 16oz container. The product spreads easily on the hair, the design of the product container enables you to get every last drop of product and you are sure to get a great number of uses out of it. For me the product lasts for about a month, but I am pretty heavy handed with conditioner so for others it may last longer.


6 thoughts on “As I Am Coconut Cowash Review

  1. Mary E. N. Kiganda

    Thanks for this awesome post. Read just when I needed it as I’m about to take my braids out and I’m always upset at the tangles in my hair. By the way just started reading your blog after reading the Bold and Fearless interview so was wondering if you have ever tried water washing?

  2. Da'Shon Cherry

    I am transitioning from relaxers and have been for about 6 months off and on, now definitely for over 3 months and it is hard. How can I strip the last of the relaxer without doing the BIG CHOP?

    1. IAMMH

      Da’Shon, good for you for getting away from the relaxers. I strongly suggest that you stay off from them. However, you as the question on “how to strip the rest of it from your hair”. There are a few things you can do: you can use things that you have in your home; eggs, beer, vinegar rinse, i.e. But the must important thing is to be sure that you are able to maintain your moisture. There is a lot of great hydrating products out there. Hope this helps you!

  3. Sonia

    I love this co-wash… I’ve been using it about a year now and it’s amazing. Leave my hair very soft… I still wash with shampoo or rhassoul clay every 2 months, but As I Am coconut cowash has been my cleanse Nro.1… And if you do a final rinse with ACV, you can stay longer without buil-up 😉

  4. Midori Davidson

    I just started using the As I am Coconut Co-wash and I am in love with it. I am just starting to wear my hair natural again so I am still learning my hair. I discovered recently that I have 3b hair, with a patch of 2c on my left side–whenever I twist it, it is the one patch that just seems to want to revert to being curly so I have to use Madam Cj Walkers elongating gel to get it to look like the rest of my hair. This process is indeed a journey.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Yes, it is a process. You’re not alone, most people have very different types of hair in their hair. As you continue to wear it the textures will act more synonymous.


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