15 Breathtaking Photos of Naturals With Dope Shrinkage

15 Breathtaking Photos of Naturals With Dope Shrinkage

Many of us don’t take too kindly to shrinkage, but shrinkage isn’t all bad

which is why when I did this post discovering #shrinkageisthedevil was not surprising.  I am sure many of you can relate to getting asked, “Did you cut your hair?”, when all you may have done to your hair was wash it.

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Some naturals have as much as 80% shrinkage, making our hair length appear strikingly deceiving to others. If you think about it, having some mystery to our length is kind of cool so why not embrace it? The truth is shrinkage is actually a good sign that your hair is healthy.

Here are 15 inspiring photos of naturals

#1 In case you didn’t know already…

#shrinkageisreal Straight #naturalhair & Twisted #naturalhair

A post shared by Tamara Floyd (@naturalhairrule) on

#2 Curls that at first glance are only a little below the ears are way past shoulder length.

#3 Shoulder length curls reach bra strap length when blown out.

#4 My oh my, is natural hair deceiving.

#5 It’s so deceiving, it’s crazy!

Shrinkage meter is on a thousand!!! 👴👴👴

A post shared by Ultimate Goal Is to Inspire! (@amekacoleman) on

#6 It’s pretty unbelievable! I am sure she gets asked all the time if she cut her hair or if she is wearing extensions.

#7 Fresh out the shower.

#8 And this is why, sometimes we just want to reach for that blow dryer.

Reason #143 why I prefer my hair blow dried. #shrinkageisabeast

A post shared by Rece • This Is My Hair Story (@ahairstory) on

#9 It looks like her hair is about neck length…wrong!

#10 Total shocker!

#11 I am totally mesmerized. Are you?

#12 Length checks will amaze you.

Trim about 3inches off #Lenghtcheck #14inches #healthy_hair_journey

A post shared by Jeon Julien (@jeonjulien) on

#13 Curly girl problems.

#14 Shrinkage is a beast.

My favorite #tbt 💁🏽💅🏾

A post shared by MERCEDES (@twodollarsricher) on

#15 That shrinkage is a lie, I tell you!


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