7 Tools That Add Moisture to Natural Hair

Other than moisturizing products, there are tools that can be used to help retain your hair’s moisture balance. Here are 7 tools you may not have considered:

Add Moisture to Natural Hair

Shower Filter – Water is the ultimate moisturizer. The only trouble is if you have hard water issues and the quality of your water is not up to par, you may not see much benefit from it. A shower filter will remove all of the drying deposits from your water, so you can have a more enjoyable and moisturizing experience.

Aquasana Shower Filter is one of the most recommended.

Bonnet With Built In Moisturizer – There are satin bonnets that will not only protect your hair at night, but will also aid in preserving your hair moisture.  This bonnet is treated with coconut oil. Keep your tresses moisturized as you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Humidifier – Natural hair is very susceptible to the environment so if you are dealing with extreme weather conditions it will affect your hair.  If you live in a very cold or hot dry climate, the humidifier will help to put moisture back into the air. Use this tool at night before going to bed. In addition to reviving your hair, it is also good for warding off germs and cold/allergy prevention.

Cane Cool Mist Humidifier is great year round.

Plastic Caps –  These a great for deep conditioning sessions and those who like to baggy their hair overnight. They help keep things from getting too messy and also aid in helping to create a greenhouse effect on your hair.

Thermal Conditioning Caps – Deep conditioning revives dry thirsty hair and gives it that much needed restoration. When using heat you are likely to have better results because the conditioner can better penetrate the hair. The only thing is, sometimes you do not want to be tied down to a hooded hair dryer or you may not have one. With the Hot Head Thermal Cap you can remain mobile and the heat is soothing unlike your hooded dryer. Definitely a great product to have when you need extra moisture.

The QRedew– Do you love the way your hair responds to steam? With this hand held device you can wake up and refresh your curls.

Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer is a fan favorite here. Read Why We Think Q-Redew is a Life Changer.

Steam Rollers – Need a quick way to curl your hair and add some moisture? If you are lucky enough to have steam rollers they are sure to do the trick. This will work best on hair that has been stretched.

Check out this steam rollers, CARUSO Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter.

See also: Using Steam Rollers On Natural Hair


2 thoughts on “7 Tools That Add Moisture to Natural Hair

  1. Shelisha Thompson

    I heard that there is a difference between hydration and moisturizing. I think my hair is lacking hydration because it is very dry. I can only see my curl pattern when my hair is wet. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks.


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