Rachel Dolezal: But her Natural Hair Game…

Rachel Dolezal's Natural Hair Journey

Courtesy of Youtube

There’s a lot going on in the world today but THIS… Rachel Dolezal is by far the most interesting.

We, the black community and the natural hair community gots questions!!!

My first was what do you have to do for your parents to out you.  I feel like my parents would take all my secrets to the grave. And just to be clear I asked my mama and she said yes.

Then secondly, all ignorant and annoying natural hair questions are totally and completely relevant in this situation. Such as is that your real hair? Can I touch it? Where you buy that at? How you get your hair to do that? You can read my full list of ignorant and annoying natural hair questions here.

Rachel Dolezal worked hard to learn about natural hair and to perfect your natural hairstyles. Heck! She gave a lecture on the History of Black Hair.

I mean, did you see her twist out? Or Faux Locs? Or Box Braids? And are those crochet braids?

I’ve compiled a few pictures from her natural hair journey. Click to enlarge pictures.

Images via Rachel Dolezal’s Facebook, Spokane NAACP Instagram, Spokane NAACP website


4 thoughts on “Rachel Dolezal: But her Natural Hair Game…

  1. Neghie

    I am probably one of the few people who isn’t offended by her “identity crises’. In fact, I think it’s a bit flattering. I’ve heard of so many blacks who make it a point to pass as white, it was kind of refreshing to see it the opposite way.
    From my point of view, black is so much more than just skin color. ‘Black’ is a culture, a way of life and being and depending on your life experience, anyone can identify or not identify with that culture. Our hair is a large part of that identity.
    She took nothing from us, and if anything, was contributing to the black community in a positive way. I say, rock on with her bad self…her tresses were always on fleek, and if her ‘white’ parent’s would out her like that…I can see why she’s come on over to the dark side.

    1. Tiffany

      I myself wasn’t offended, though I didn’t find it flattering, I found it interesting to see the gauntlet swinging the other way, like you. But I don’t believe she took nothing from the black community: she held a position in the NAACP, after all. That’s a position an actual black person could have held and brought in the actual black experiences to help resolve issues that actual black people face, rather than just speaking secondhand (I’m sure Rachel’s Google game was strong). So she certainly took away opportunities. And then when we get into her past, we see that she’d filed racial discrimination cases (as a white woman) against her HBCU. Now if that doesn’t raise your eyebrows…

      1. brandorasbox2014

        Personally, I didn’t see her as ‘taking an opportunity from someone else. Whether you like how she did it, she had to earn her way to that position, even if that meant sleeping to the top. Has nothing to do with color for me. If there is anything you want in life it is your responsibility to take it or else someone will, undeserving or not.

        Hadn’t heard about the suing the school part so I did a little research. It does say a lot more about her character and I can also understand the venom surrounding in the revelation of her deceit. It would appear she uses color as a means to gain favor and opportunity…okay…I actually see it now. Please disregard all of my previous ridiculous comments.

  2. Skye

    Really people… it’s a perm. She’s even said it herself. There is NO “natural hair journey” involved because that’s what black women have to do in order to come to terms with our natural selves when we are taught from birth that our hair the way god made it is gross and ugly. She grew up white with straight blonde hair and all she did was get a bad perm and some box dye. Moving on.


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