Natural Hair Actress responses beautifully to stranger touching her hair without permission

Photo Credit: Instagram/ Teyonah Parris

We’ve all heard and even experienced it time and time again. Someone gives you a back handed compliment and then grabs for and touches your natural hair without permission. But THIS, in my opinion, takes it to another level.

Comment below and tell me how you would’ve responded in this situation…

Actress Teyonah Parris, who starred in Dear White People and Mad Men, was out with friends when an old white man insults and violates her personal space.

Parris shared this encounter on Twitter.

Comment below and tell me how you would’ve responded in this situation…

9 thoughts on “Natural Hair Actress responses beautifully to stranger touching her hair without permission

  1. Crystal Rogerd

    I think the way you handled it was very classy and appropriate because I would have slapped him when he touched me and violated my personal space.

  2. Brenda Lazare

    I have experienced this more times than I care to remember. Whether I responded yes or no, politely or abrupt, with silence or with a question very seldom will people ever pay you the compliment and keep it moving. However I have found that more often than not, people are more apt to touch my hair when I engage them in conversation about it. Why can’t they treat your hair like a pair of Manolo’s or Jimmy Choo’s, admire or compliment then BYE!??

  3. Tonya

    When people ask me about my hair I ask them if they would like to touch it. Honestly, I think you overreacted from the get go. I see a lot of women who wear wigs or clips to obtain the fro or natural look. In the world of weave, it was an appropriate question.

    1. Neema

      Me too. I let ppl feel my hair. I don’t see the big deal. That nan tho, the way he said, ‘it’s stimulating’ is a bit worrying

    2. Casha242

      Asking someone if their hair is an add-in when you have no personal connection to them is inappropriate and none of your business. When did it become okay? You don’t see people asking white women if all that hair is theirs! She had every right to be upset.
      As for letting people touch your hair…would you let some random person touch your face or some other body part? Your hair is on your body and I would find it intrusive if they didn’t ask. But to each his own. I am not a pet.

  4. MissyC

    The only thing that stood out for me in this story is “Old man”. Just makes me think, what if he was senile and really just couldn’t distinguish between an appropriate and an inappropriate approach? Just a thought ladies……..

    1. gumdropbuttons

      What you stated was an excuse….and a very poor one at that. That’s like a man walking up to a woman and he grabs her butt to see if it’s real. Does that sound appropriate? Your hair is on your body, which no one should touch. Senile or not, he knew very well what he was doing. He didn’t sound senile at all. No senile person would ask questions like that, and go so far as to touching it. You never read about white woman having their hair touched and I promise you, if it ever did happen, no excuses would be made.

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