5 Hacks That Save Money When Your Natural Hair Product is an EPIC FAIL!

5 Hacks That Save Money When Your New Product is an Epic FailEvery one knows the feeling of reading a blog or watching YouTube or scrolling through Instagram and coming across a highly recommended natural hair product. Only to rush out and pick it up, switch your wash day just so you can try it out, AND……… MAJOR BUST, just tragic. So, what do you do now? Many will put the product under the cabinet and push it to the back to collect dust or give it away to a friend or family member and go buy something different. Well, as a hairstylist who have gone through this exact same thing personally and professionally, I’ve learned a few hacks to make that horrible product better, saving me a lot of money. Here’s a few:

Drying Shampoo

We’ve all purchased a shampoo or two that seems to dry our hair out. It seems to strip the natural oils from our hair and leaves our hair feeling dry and/or brittle. Here are a few tips to get through that bottle:

1) Try adding conditioner to it. Mix shampoo 1 part to Conditioner 2 parts.

2) Dilute it with oils such as lavender, sweet almond, coconut, castor, and/or avocado.

3) Add a little honey to it. This will act as a humectant, a natural moisturizer.

** Feel free to utilize them all at once to for maximum softness and moisture.

Not So Conditioning Conditioner

Everyone’s hair requires different levels of moisture. This being the case, every conditioner isn’t going to quench the thirst of our tresses. But, if you ever purchase one that is just subpar, then here’s a few ways to make it work for you.

1) Add honey to it. As stated before, it is a natural moisturizer and supplies the hair with a great sheen.

2) Though this may go against the rules, try sitting under the dryer with the conditioner on and allow it to sit longer than stated on the bottle. It may be that it doesn’t easily penetrate the strands and need a little assistance.

3) If #2 doesn’t work, apply conditioner and then apply your favorite oil, preferably a thicker one such as Jamaican Black Castor, sweet almond or avocado oil on top and sit under dryer.

Extra Moisture to Your Deep Conditioner

If you feel that your deep conditioner isn’t fulfilling your hair care needs…

1) Add mayonnaise (regular, non flavored) for extra conditioning factors.

2) As mentioned before, adding honey to your deep conditioner is also a great way to add moisture.

3) You may also whip an avocado and add it to your conditioner for extra benefits. But, please be advised, if you do not whip it well enough, it will be tedious to rid hair of chunks.

** try sitting under the dryer as well with your deep conditioner to maximize conditioning benefits.

Protein Treatment Causing Extreme Dryness?

It is necessary from time to time, depending on hair type, texture and porosity, to perform a protein treatment. But, some shy away from the use of protein treatments because they can leave the hair feeling dry and brittle. Well, a little hack I found to work perfectly for my hair and keeps it’s balance is:

1) Mix the protein treatment with a intense moisturizing conditioning mask. This is like the best of both worlds. You get the benefits of the protein treatment without the aftermath of dryness. Also, you keep from having to do a double step (following your protein treatment with a moisturizing conditioner).

Moisturizers That Lack Moisture

With most moisturizers, they’re composed with certain hair types in mind. So, if you happen to pick up one that doesn’t supply you with the proper level of moisture, try:

1) sealing it with a butter. I love Taliah Waajid’s Nutrient Rich Shine Butter and Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate and Twist Butter.

2) some may not like heavy oils, like Jamaican Black Castor Oil, but when moisturizers lack, heavier oils  make up, in my experience.

3) and as stated numerous times before, add honey.

Reading back over, it seems that honey is a great, inexpensive remedy to many issues encountered when trying new products. Hopefully, these quick tips will keep you from tossing ineffective products that were just purchased, and keep you from becoming a product hoarder. Every Natural has experienced  the sting and feeling of betrayal, and watch all excitement wash down the drain, when their newest product is an epic fail. But, remember there is hope in most cases. Enjoy!


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