5 Tips for Selecting the Best Wig


best wigs

I like to think of myself as a wig connoisseur. I have always loved them since my teens and having been wearing wigs on and off again ever since. There are a few reasons I like wigs:

  • An easy way to have a new style within minutes (For instance if you want a straight look, but don’t want to use heat wigs are a great alternative)
  • The perfect solution to a bad hair day
  • They can be used as a form of protective styling, allowing you to retain more length
  • Unlike weaves you have easier access to your natural hair, making it easier for you to effectively moisturize and cleanse your hair

While wigs are totally awesome, it’s important that you do not select just any wig. The whole idea behind wigs is that you want them come off as natural looking and the last thing you want is a wig that is way too shiny or something that doesn’t fit the frame of your face. Here are some tips that will help you select the best wig:

Check out reviews – While everyone’s opinion is sure to vary, it still helps to get feedback from those who have tried it. Especially if you are ordering online, it is helpful to view YouTube videos so you can have a good visual of the wig quality as we all know the product pictures can present a totally different view.

Make sure the unit has combs – There’s nothing worse than when a wig is sliding all over your head. The last thing you wan’t is that feeling that the wind could easily knock your wig off. Some wigs weirdly enough don’t have combs and to say the least it just doesn’t feel too secure or comfortable.

Half wigs are always great – Sure they don’t technically count as a full protective style because a portion of your front is out. However, because of this they tend to come off as more convincing.

Go for textures that look close to your own – There are a tons of curly wigs out there that resemble natural hair, but if you are going for a sleek look they also have wigs that have some texture to it so it looks like straightened afro textured hair.

You can make your own wig without any weaving skills

Ariane Twist Out

I am personally a fan of the Hookie Do. The above photo is a unit I created with this handy product. It is a wig cap with hooks on it that allows you to simply hook hair wefts on to the cap. No gluing or sewing is required. What I like about this is that you can select your own hair, when your extensions gets old simply replace the hair and you still have a unit that you can create endless styles with.



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