I Had A Bald Spot in the Middle of My Head

Twist Out Natural Hairstyle Ariane

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During my transitioning days, I was big ponytail weave fan and one day I snatched a good chunk of my hair out. My impatience with the removal process ended up costing me a huge chunk of hair. I came back to my college dorm room super anxious to remove this ponytail from my hair because the bobby pins that held it in were painfully digging into my scalp.

Of course I tried gently removing at first, but the bobby pins were in so deep the ponytail piece was not coming out without a fight or so I thought. Annoyed by the pain, I ended up giving the ponytail a rough tug and out with it came the middle section of my hair. To this day, I swear this has to be the most annoying section of my hair to deal with and this is most likely due to the damage I caused.

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For a while, I was stuck having to deal with wearing my hair in a ponytail or some sort of updo – otherwise my hair would have looked pretty weird. It took almost 2 years for this spot to grow back in completely. I didn’t rub any special creams or oils onto my hair to make it grow back. The only thing that helped was time and taking better care of my hair. This is the perfect example of how protective styling can go extremely wrong.

Ponytail weaves can serve as a protective style; the ends of your hair are tucked away and your hair isn’t subject to constant manipulation. However, if you are not careful, the removal of protective styles can easily put you in a situation where you are breaking off the hair that you worked so hard to grow.

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Although I was lucky not to have suffered from permanent hair loss, in some ways I feel as if it really hasn’t fully recovered. It is the most tangled, matted, and damage prone area of my hair. What I have learned is that I have to treat this section of my hair with the utmost care by doing the following:

  • Giving this area of my hair loads of moisture and extra attention when deep conditioning
  • Finger combing and being gentle with this section when it’s time to detangle
  • Going to bed with my hair in a high ponytail or twists to prevent matting
  • Avoiding too much tension from braided hairstyles
  • Making sure this area gets trimmed well to avoid too many split ends
  • Rub Castor Oil on the Bald Spot

Unfortunately, it is probably is a waste of money to solely rely on creams or oils to regrow your hair – especially if you are still doing the things that caused your breakage to begin with.

For anyone going through this, I would recommend that you be patient and treat your hair as gently has you possibly can.The number one thing I would suggest is avoiding styles that are too tight. Those kind of styles are likely to worsen the situation and may lead to traction alopecia, which is something that you can do very little to treat or repair. Also, avoid brushing this area! Brushes will only cause further damage by ripping and tugging at your hair.

If the damage is in an area that you cannot hide, like your edges, wigs may be the better solution to hide your situation for a while as they are not as tight on the hair like a sew in or braids will be. After giving your hair time and treating it as gently as you can, if you still see no results see your dermatologist to see what your options are.

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4 thoughts on “I Had A Bald Spot in the Middle of My Head

  1. Stella

    I experienced a similar situation except my hair never grew back in the middle. I left the ponytail in too long despite the pain. This was 10 yrs ago.

  2. Katia bogle

    I have breakage on my edges and in the middle of my head, I have been natural for about 2 years now. What can use to help this get better.

  3. Zainab

    Hair lost from the scalp can be re-grown with onion juice, it actually wakes up the hair follicles. I have tried this with 2 of my kids that lost hair in the middle of their scalps, at present no evidence of the previous lost hair remains.

    Preparation Methods

    1.Raw onion (strong smell-stay away from other people when it’s in your hair): Slice a small onion, cut up/chop , squeeze out juice with mesh sieve you might need just a teaspoon or two of the Juice or more depending on the area of hair loss
    2. Boiled onion extract 😦 little or no smell ) : Place chopped onion in a small pan ,add about 4 tablespoons of water (to make up for loss in evaporation ) turn on heat , cover pan and boil for about 5 minutes . Pour through a mesh sieve thereafter, cool before use.

    Application :
    Apply directly on the scalp where hair has been lost, massage in, leave in for about two hours..
    Wash hair as usual .

    Hair should start re-growing in a few weeks. .. kindly remember that a good diet also ensures healthy hair.
    Your might want to repeat application in a month’s time if you don’t see any results.

    I hope this works for you ladies.


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