4 Must Have Items for Styling A TWA


4 Must Have Items for styling a TWA


A lot of people dread big chopping from the fear of their TWA looking like Florida Evans from Good Times, as my husband describes it. But there are a few must have tools that will make styling a TWA not only easy, but super stylish, funky and sassy. The following items are my bare necessities that supplies me with my stylish do.

#1 NuDred Sponge or CurlSPONGE
This sponge is an absolute must have when it comes to styling my short tapered hair. It cuts my hair styling time in the morning down to 5-7 minutes tops. I spend approximately 12 hours a day, styling everyone else’s hair, and though I hate to admit it, I just don’t have the patience to spend 30-45 minutes or more styling my own as well. The discovery of this sponge a year ago has been a godsend.


#2 Hair Pick

I rarely comb through my hair, mainly because it’s short and usually combing disturbs my curl pattern (please note – I comb and detangle on wash day). In order for my hair not to look matted to my head or just to improve volume of style, I always take my pick and lift at the root slightly. I don’t pull all the way through, but instead lift a little section at a time; going in at the root and lifting approximately 1-2 inches, being sure not to disturb the texture created with my sponge.


#3 Edge Tamer

We all know how important it is for those edges to be laid! Yes! I must have an edge tamer. I only have a few that I use with KeraCare by Avlon edge tamer being my main one,and I make sure to keep them stocked.


#4 Moisturizer/Sealant Regimen

This one is a combination of a lot of things. In order to achieve my nice style, day in and day out, I find it important that I follow a regimen that supplies and retains high levels of moisture. I moisture daily, because I have color treated hair, but mostly because it’s what my hair requires. In achieving healthy hair, whether short or long, I have found that a regimen that deals with the needs of the hair is key. I cannot go a day without applying a moisturizer and sealing with an oil, or at least refreshing with a mist (consisting of a liquid leave in, moisturizer, distilled water, and moisturizer).  The type of oil used that specific day depends on how my hair feel . If it seems drier than usual, I’ll use Black Jamaican Castor Oil or Jane Carter Nourish and Shine to seal which are heavier and thicker.


There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not use these 4 items. I have found that if you love on your hair, give it what it needs, it usually responds by yielding great results. So I’m glad to have discovered these 4 things. And plus, it cuts down my morning “glam” time, which is why I rarely deviate. 😉


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