8 Must-Haves for the Traveling Natural!


Spring has finally arrived and summer will be here before you know it! As a traveling natural, consider taking along these essentials as you pack your bags for those warm weather trips.

  1. Travel- Sized Hair Products

Whether you’re reaching your destination by air or land, taking along smaller versions of your staple products will ensure that your hair stays lookin’ fly while saving you some space in that carry-on for other items. Do a little digging and you’ll find that quite a few of your favorite brands actually sell mini forms of their products or even convenient travel packs that are TSA-approved.

If you’d rather not spend on these miniatures, why not hold on to those sample-sized goodies you receive from attending natural hair events and pack them for your trip? Another great option is to get a few inexpensive leak-proof bottles and jars (like these from Amazon) and simply transfer a bit of your favorite shampoo, conditioner and styler (gel, creams, etc) in them as you prepare that suitcase.

  1. Hair & Bobby Pins of Varying Sizestraveling-natural-hair-bobby-pins

These are a good idea to carry along with you every day but vacation is especially not the time to be caught without some of these! If that twist-out you thought would survive the trip transforms on you, you can quickly finagle a roll, tuck and pin and be on your way.

  1. Head Coverings

These also serve as quick-fix options while you’re away from home. A few pretty-colored scarves will come in handy to use as a stylish headband or for full-on head wrap realness! Taking along a cute hat or two wouldn’t hurt either. Not only do these items save you in a hair-do emergency but they’ll help protect your hair from harmful UV rays if your vacation locale is a hot and sunny one.

  1. Mini Spray Bottle

Use this for water to moisturize your hair when styling or an oil mix to protect your hair from the heat of the sun, especially if you choose to wear your hair loose while you’re away.

  1. Pontytail Holders & Headbands

I think every traveling natural will agree that these are top must-haves! Another essential for daily life as a natural, these have saved me in many a hair style crisis. While on that tour around town or trip to the beach, whip one of these out and pull those kinks up into a puff to keep the hair out your face in the heat… so you can actually enjoy your trip.

  1. Swim Cap

If you’re freely rocking your kinks and curls while on vacation, you may not necessarily mind your hair getting wet. However, chlorinated water from pools and salt water from the sea can do a number on your hair. Since both can have a drying effect on the hair, consider covering it up with a swim cap to keep it protected.

  1. Small Bottle of Oiltraveling-natural-avocado-oil

Take this along to mix a bit with water in your spray bottle to provide some moisture to your hair while on the go. Also, since swim caps are usually pretty snug, spraying a little oil on the inside will make it easier to take off without damaging your hair. Why not blend a few like grapeseed, coconut, wheatgerm and avocado oils to serve as a natural sunscreen for your hair? Hair needs sunscreen too!

  1. Styling Tools

Last and certainly not least, you gotta have your combs and brushes, right?! If you plan to mix it up while you’re away, a wide-toothed comb (for detangling), a rattail comb (for flawless parts when needed), a pick (for a fab fro), a boar bristle brush (for sleek edges and touch-ups) and detangling brush should suffice.


Here’s a List of More Great Must-Haves for Your Travels

Do you pack these essentials when traveling to your favorite getaway spots? What items do you deem necessary as a traveling natural?

Photo Credits: popsugar.com; med-health.net; Amazon


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