Picking the Best Hair for Crochet Braids


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The hair you use for your crochet braids will make or break the style. I know this from personal experience, especially being that the first time I did crochet braids, I hated the hair that I used! Don’t get me wrong. I was still able to work with it, but had I known then what I know now, I would have done things a heck of a lot differently.

Why the brand of the hair matters:

The hair that you buy for crochet braids is typically inexpensive, so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars for better quality hair. Otherwise, you will have a rough time molding it into the beautiful styles you see your favorite vloggers flaunting. If you are going for that natural twist out look and you are using Marley hair, you must thoroughly detangle the hair prior to setting it on rods. Hair that isn’t of the best quality will make this task even more of a chore than it has to be.

To get the results that you are looking for, what better way than to actually use the hair that you saw in your favorite tutorial for crochet braids?

Here are some of the most popular crochet braid tutorial videos along with the brand of hair that was used.

Femi Collection Marley Braid hair $4.99 per pack

The Brilliant Beauty didn’t even curl her hair in this tutorial, and the hair still looked great!

Isis Caribbean Bohemian Braiding Hair Soft Water Curl $4.99

The best part about choosing this brand is you don’t have to rod the hair. The hair already has a curl pattern. This means less work for you!

Cuban Twist Shake and Go $5.99

For those who are looking for a style that resembles a natural twist out, this is your go to hair. To achieve this look you will have to detangle, rod the hair and dip in hot water. To refresh the curls, Vlogger BorderHammer reapplied the rods once per week.

When you rod the hair, make sure you coil it tightly in a figure 8 like pattern, otherwise it comes out really frizzy.

Deciding which hair to purchase

What will ultimately effect which brand is best for you is whether you are looking for an afro, curly or twist/braid out look, as well as the time you are willing to invest. If you go for an afro look or hair that is already pre-curled, you definitely will spend less time on your hair as once you are done installing the hair, all that is left to do is cut your hair to frame your face, primp and go. However, if you are looking for that twist out style that closely mimics kinky textured hair, you are going to have to put a little bit more time in rodding the hair and you need a brand like the Cuban Twist hair.


19 thoughts on “Picking the Best Hair for Crochet Braids

  1. DeeJ

    The timing of this info is unbelievable…………….I was getting ready to get my hair done this way.
    Thanks for the valuable tips on what type hair to consider.

  2. Adiryah Yisrael Barak

    I have the Marley hair after I brush it out can I twist the hair in medium twist then to hot water, how long will this last this is my first pack of hair next time I will chose different hair thanks for your help.

  3. Jessica

    Hello! Have you seen the “I Luh God” music video by Erica Campbell? She has this really cute hair big curly hair style and I believe that’s crochet braids. Would you happen to know what kind of hair that is?

  4. Desiree M

    I learned how to crochet braid on YOUTUBE now its my go to protective style and I now I do others!! I love the versatility and the long lasting styles!!

  5. Patrice

    Hi I love the crochet braids,but beware,I have tried the go-go curl by free tress an it is very frizzy.does anyone know anything that could be applied to this hair to prevent this?,the curls are beautiful but just a lot of frizz.

    1. Naomi Robert

      I currently have the go-go curl and love it. I use the wave nouveau moisturizing finishing lotion, with some water the give the life back to the curl. And it keeps the hair soft. I do a quick snip any unruly hairs in the morning. Every 2-3 days I section it and detangle and get rid of the frizz and curls that lost there shape

  6. AA

    I had two questions. The first one is, can you rod and dip the hair before you install it? And the second question is how many packs of hair did you use? thanks

  7. DJ


    Please tell me which hair is best for crochet braids in the loose deep or deep wave style. My colors are high lights in 1b/30 and 1b/33

    Dj from New Orleans

  8. Natasha

    good day

    I am from South Africa , Cape Town . I have checking videos on crochet braids,
    I would love to try it as I dont like to do braids so much for the sake of my hairline.
    What type of hair will find in here by us.


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