6 Ways to Rock a Tapered Cut


A growing trend for the warmer months, the tapered cut brings a taste of personality to our kinks and curls. If you are hesitant to go short thinking you’ll be limited, check out these six styles!

Finger Coils/Coil-Out

Ebony aka Coloured Beautiful shows us how to execute a beautiful style using just your fingers to basically define the coils you already have. This is great for those of you who hate sleeping in rods or curlers!

Roller/Rod Set

pRoy is like the queen of the tapered fro! She can be found her rockin’ her cut in so many different ways but I’m especially fond of her rod sets. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to get it done.


In this quick how-to from MyNaturalSistas, Carmen demonstrates a simple chunky twist-out that’ll give some height to top of your tapered cut as well as some texture and dimension. I love it!


For those of you who are down to switch it up with some heat, straightening is another cute option for your tapered cut. McKenzieRenae shows us how she achieves a beautiful flat ironed look in the video below.

Foil Set

This one kinda takes me back! Using aluminum foil to curl hair is actually an old school trick that still has weight today and gives fabulous results. This is great if you’re without perm rods and need to improvise or just wanna save some dough. Watch how easy it can be as MissKenK styles her tapered fro using this basic household product!

Fro’ed Out

Of course, you could always stick to the basics and just rock the fro. No curling, no twisting, just you. Ain’t a thing wrong with that! 😉

Have you used any of these techniques to style your tapered fro? What styles have YOU tried on your short hair cut?

3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Rock a Tapered Cut

  1. Dee W

    excellent article. i considered a short cut several times, but couldn’t think of different ways to style. will definitely save this. thanks Toia!

  2. Jennifer Moore

    Do you need to perm your hair in order to rock a pixie or natural tapered cut? My stylist has been doing my natural hair for almost 3 yrs n I’m now in a perm pixie style so uneven n I’m left aggravated and disappointed heading into a new job Mon. Any recommendations are welcome.


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