5 Steps to Create a Hair Care Regimen


5 steps for hair care regimen

The best way to create a hair care regimen is by knowing your hair type, finding the best product for you, forming a whole new relationship with water, creating a cleansing routine and finding a set of go to styles. Use these 5 steps to create your own personalized hair care routine:

Know your hair type

Some say hair typing is dead. Others say it causes division in the natural hair community. The truth is sometimes categorization is a good thing. While knowing your hair type will not be the key to understanding your hair 100% it gives you a starting point. You will be better able to determine which products and methods of care are likely to produce the best results.

No sure what your hair type is? Find out more by reading: Find Out Your Hair Type

Find your holy grail product

Using the right product does make all the difference. Reviews of products are always helpful, but in the end the only way you will find out what you like is by trying it out for yourself. There are product subscription services that may be worth your while like CurlKit.com or CurlBox.com. They give you a kit filled with different natural hair products every month some are popular well known brands, others are up and coming. This gives you the chance to sample and see what works best rather than buying the full size product and then getting disastrous results.

Develop a New Relationship With Water

If you are a new natural, you may be use to avoiding water for fear of frizz or maybe you wrongfully taught to believe that water is drying to the hair, but it is in fact the entire opposite. It’s a bit of a trial an error process to see how water will work best your hair. Generally speaking you will want to use water or a water based product and use butters or oils for sealing when moisturizing your hair.

Decide how often you will wash your hair

How often you wash your hair will be dependent on: how long your hair is, how active you are, the type of styles you like to wear and how much product you use. A good starting point is once per week, but depending on the factors listed you may wash your hair more often or less often than this. For examples, if you find that you like wash n go’s you may be someone who washes more often. If your hair is longer and you find that your hair tangles too much from the manipulation extended your washes may be the best bet. There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this. It’s all about what you find works best for you and keeps your hair healthy.

YouTube and Blogs for Care & Style Inspiration 

The net is filled with tons of bloggers and vloggers with a variety of hair types. Find a resource that you like with a hair texture that is similar to yours , observe how they care for and handle their hair.  This will also help you develop an appreciation for your hair type as well as providing you a step by step guide for creating styles.  You will learn which types of styles you like best and overtime you will master them.

Remember no two heads of hair are alike! Take the info that you find and tweak it to fit your hair’s needs.


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