4 Formal Updos for Prom or Wedding

4 formal updos for prom or wedding

Spring is officially wedding and prom season. Whether you are attending prom or acting as a chaperone; or the bride, bridesmaid or attendee, you will may find these formal updos perfect for your next formal occasion.

Elegant, Textured Updo

To recreate Naptural85’s elegant, textured updo, first start with a stretched style: Culformer set, twistout, bantu knot-out, or rod set.  To create volume, flip the hair on the top of your head to the side.  Then  pull the hair on the sides of your hair together into a loose knot.  Continue to tie loose knots all the way down. Finally, tuck away and pin loose ends. The result is a seemingly intricate style that is actually quite simple.

Goddess Braid Updo

Whether you have long or short hair, the classic Goddess braid is an formal updo that can be worn to either a prom or wedding. First, start by pulling your hair into a ponytail. Using marley hair — or synthetic hair of your choice – twist it and with a hair band attach it to your ponytail. Wrap the hair around your ponytail and pin as you go.

Natural Hair Updos on Blownout Hair

In this collaborative, NaturalMetra shares two simple styles that can be worn to your next formal event.  For the first style, you create a U-part in the front of your hair.  You then pull the back and sides of your hair into a pony tail.  Using pins, you roll the hair under and secure with pins. In the front, you divide it into two sections. In the back portion (of the front), you create two loose twists and pin them into your bun. In the front, you divide it in half (going across).  Across the front, create two loose twists and pin across the front.  You can add an accessory to embellish.  For the second style, she creates four parts going across and makes four flat twists. She then wraps the end of the twists around the existing twists for a chic updo.


Bridal Updos with Color Highlights

Simplycre8ves’ distinctive blonde highlights add some “punch” to her bridal hairstyles.  If you are looking for a distinctive look, consider adding color highlights — by a professional, of course. Just make sure that it is not too much of a drastic change for your special day. For this look, she started with blownout hair. She combed her hair to the side since that is the way the hair would fall. Then, from the back, she began to roll her hair.  Remember, pin as you roll the hair, so that the roll remains secure. Then, from the front, she created a loose flat twist that swooped across.  For her wedding day look, she added a birdcage veil. For her second look, she divided her hair into three sections (going across). Starting with the middle section, she rolled the two sides inward and pinned.In the front, she created four loose two-strand twists. She then tucked each so that it created a twisted pompadour in the front. She combed out the back and wore that section out to finish the look.

Surprisingly, the four tutorials are very simple but they all create elegant looks.  These tutorials have inspired me to try them for formal occasions, date night, and even the office.  How is your prom and wedding season shaping up?  Do you have a full itinerary?  Do you plan on trying any of these styles?



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