4 Cocoon Curl Tutorials for Any Length


Cocooning is not really a new styling technique but it has recently resurfaced within the natural hair world. Cocoon curls give you the look of clean, finished ends when doing a wet set (like a twist-out) in lieu of perm rods. Here are four great tutorials for inspiration.

Long Hair

The first one comes from Whitney aka Naptural85 who has quite a bit of length. She opted to style on stretched hair and, as always, she’s very clear on the steps to create beautiful, fluffy cocoon curls.

Medium-Length Hair

This next tutorial by Adwoa A. is great for any of you who may be in that in-between stage of hair growth. You’ll notice that, due to her length, her cocoon curl method is slightly different from the one above. As it should be! Watch to see how.

Tapered/Growing Out Sides

Up next is Ask PRoy. Still growing out her short sides, PRoy uses the technique on the top portion of her hair to form beautiful cocoon curls that last her about a week. It looks amazing on her tapered cut!

Medium Length w/Adjustments

CharyJay tried her hand at cocoon curls after watching Naptural 85’s video but found that she needed to take what she saw and make adjustments to fit her. Be sure to watch all the way to the end for some words of wisdom and things to consider that I think ALL can benefit from when heading to YouTube for style inspiration!


With all of the tutorials, you’ll notice that moisturizing played a big part. When styling, be sure to keep that hair in good shape by moisturizing regularly, paying special attention to the ends.

Have you tried cocoon curls yet? Which tutorial do you feel you benefited from the most?


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