15 Hair Products Worth the Splurge

15 hair products worh the splurge

I’m the first to admit. Well, actually, my husband is the first to admit that I’m cheap. I prefer the term economically savvy. So because of this, when I spend money on products, they have to be worth the price.  When it comes to my hair, there are certain products that are worth the splurge.  Shortcuts just don’t cut it. [Pun intended.] Here are my picks for hair products that are soooooo worth the splurge.

Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner ($12.99) – The lemongrass leave-in conditioner is one of the top products in the Alikay Naturals line. And it should be no surprise… If your hair feels quenched, then try this leave-in. It will nourish your strands. It is also a great style refresher.  The bonus? It smells amazing!

As I Am Double Buttercream ($13.99) – I have to admit. I’m a snob when it comes to twisting butters. I love rich, creamy twisting butters that result in lots of hold, sheen, and moisture.  My major pet peeve with some cheaper twisting butters is their consistency and the filmy residue they can leave on the hair. Although they can be pricey, I fork out the money for good twisting butters. This is a great one!

Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter ($17.00) – Are you looking for a moisturizer for hair braiding? Try Carol’s Daughter’s Healthy Hair Butter.  It is a great water-based moisturizer that is perfect for installing cornrows and other braided styles.

Curls Creme Brule ($10.99) – If you are looking for a lightweight daily styler, try this water-based moisturizer. It is a great way to refresh an old twist out or wash and go. Seal with an oil and head out the door.

Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste ($7.99)– Gels usually cost about $3, but the few extra dollars you pay for the Curls Control Paste are well worth it.  It provides a strong hold that works on your most rebellious fly aways.

Carol’s  Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey ($12.00) – Although cheap grease is enticing, it is worth the investment on more expensive “grease”.  Mimosa Hair Honey has “better” ingredients and has the benefits of grease minus the heavy residue.

Jane Carter Nourish & Shine ($22.00) If you are looking for a finishing product that is “nourishing” and doesn’t leave behind a heavy residue, try Jane Carter Nourish & Shine. It is a great alternative for gel when finishing your edges

Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream ($14.95) – Jessicurl costs about $15, but this mild shampoo alternative provides a cleansing, and moisturizing hair cleanser.  If you are struggling with shampoos that strip your hair, give this a try.

Qhemet Biologics Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee ($18.00)– I heard the hype about Qhemet Biologics for years before I finally tried it. The brand lived up to the hype and this ghee was worth every penny. Both the Moringa Tree Conditioning Tree Ghee and the Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee melt the tangles away. The bonus for Moringa Tree is that it doubles as a blow dry cream and deep conditioner.

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment ($19.50; $33.00)– If your hair is damaged and its in need of a fix, then Ojon is the perfect remedy. Made from the ojon nut, it has restorative characteristics that are visible in as little as one treatment.

Ouidad 12-Minute Deep Treatment ($52.00)–  Ouidad products tend to be on the pricey side, but everyone I know who uses their products willingly purchases their products again and again. Why? Because they can see a clear difference. This is a great deep treatment!

Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner ($13.99) Oyin Handmade products are known for their great ingredients with honey (a.k.a. oyin) as the main ingredient.

SheaMoisture Moisture Retention Shampoo ($9.99) – It is no wonder that SheaMoisture paved the way for natural hair products in mainstream stores.  They develop quality products at a reasonable price, while being slightly higher than other drug store brands.

Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner ($4.99) – Although we all love our cheaper conditioners when it comes to detangling,  Tresemme Naturals is worth the few extra coins for silicone-free slip.

Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil ($6.95) –  Known for its ability to treat the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth, Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a product that you should add to your shopping list. Be wary of Beauty Supply Store oils that are not pure versions.

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There you have it – hair products that are well worth the splurge! Do you have any favorite products that cost a bit more?


5 thoughts on “15 Hair Products Worth the Splurge

  1. L.A. Jefferson

    This was a great post. My reluctance to buy new products is hindering the fabulousness of my hair. Those hefty prices keep me with the products that have been doing okay. But I appreciate these recommendations along with the benefits of the products. Thanks again!

  2. Eugeniashea

    Such a great Post with list of beauty products and its price. The best way to maintain your beauty, use natural beauty products. If you want to Natural Shea butter cream, look at shop at Eugeniashea.org

  3. curlsandmo

    I’ve tried some of these. Especially love the As I Am and Jessicurl. Tresemme Naturals conditioner was my holy grail but the new bottle I picked up last week felt different in my hair when I used it. I hope they didn’t change the formula. :- Great list, doll! 🙂

  4. Felecia

    I use Mrs Jessie’s leave in conditioner Eden coconut butter Shea butter curl definer and olive oil. Keeps my curls flawless☺

  5. Tee

    This is a good list it will help me know what hair product to use on my natural hair that is thin and fine texture don’t know my hair type but knowing what to use is so helpful


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