4 Hairstyles for Spring Break Vacation

Four protective styles for spring break vacation

Spring break and vacation season is upon us!  Fun in the sun and carefree days, don’t always mix will with hair woes.  If you are looking for carefree hair to go along with your carefree vacation, check out these tutorials for easy, breezy natural hair.

Twisted Knot Protective Style

Naptural85 shares an easy protective style that can withstand your daily activities during spring break. To achieve this look, she started with clean, stretched, detangled hair. Part your hair using an off-centered part, using your brows as a guide.  Moisturize and seal your hair, then smooth your edges using your favorite edge control. Starting from the part, create a flat twist by adding hair to your twist.  Upon completion of the twist, create a bantu knot and secure with a pin. For the larger section, split it in half. Then for the top, start from the back and bring the twist forward.  For the back twist, start it low so that it aligns with the top twist. Add each twist to the bantu knot and voila!

Mini Twists

Mini twists provide a versatile, protective style that you can wear throughout your spring break vacation.  Mini marley provides a great mini twist tutorial. She started with freshly washed hair and braided her hair in four sections to stretch her hair. (You can also blow dry your hair or use your stretching method of choice.)  Before installing her mini twists, she made sure she moisturized her hair thoroughly.  She sectioned her hair in small rows for her twists.  (You can twists your hair in a larger or smaller size.)  When you reach the ends, you can add some water and a pomade too add some curl and seal in the moisture.

Twisted Updo

This oldie, but goodie by CharyJay is one of my favorite protective style tutorial. If you are looking for a chic look that gets your hair off your shoulders then try this twisted updo. She started with stretched hair in parted her hair in sections (on a slant). In the front, she installed medium-sized twists. On the sides and back, she flat-twisted her hair using a holding cream.  On her ends — the twisted hair — she used a styler so that it would create a beautiful twistout later.  To get a different look, you can unravel the ends of your twists and wear them out or repin the unraveled twists.

Havana Marley Twists

Nothing says spring break like havana marley twists! In this video, Ebony Clark shows us how to install havana marley twists using the invisible roots method. The tools you will need include: leave-in conditioner/water mix, a comb,butter and gel. For each twist, you split the section in half.  Taper the marley hair, comb out and fluff.  Fold the hair in half, and twist each half with each side, clockwise. Finally,  you roll your hair as you twist the two sections.  When you are done, dip your ends in boiling hot water. Marley twists are quick to install — in comparison to other hair extension styles.

So, there you have it… four fabulous hairstyles for your next vacation!  What style do you think you will try?  What are your vacation plans?


3 thoughts on “4 Hairstyles for Spring Break Vacation

    1. Tiffany

      Make sure to keep them chunky and looser near the edges! The more hair you have in each twist, the less weight/tension on each strand. Another tip is to leave the most delicate strands out and simply use a holding gel/edge control pomade to brush them in every morning. I tried that method with Hick’s Edge Control (and wrapped my edges with a scarf while getting ready) and it worked really well! No one was the wiser.

      1. Ish

        So I tried the box braids and it worked out really well it’s going to be about a month, thanks

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