4 Fabulous Jumbo Bun Tutorials

Jumbo bun tutorials

One of the greatest benefits of natural hair is that all of that “bulk” creates fabulous updos.  Before going natural, I wasn’t fond of buns because, they were not very full or fabulous. But now, I can create fabulous — jumbo — buns for various occasions. They are chic enough to wear to a wedding or the boardroom.  If you are looking for different takes on the jumbo bun, here are some great tutorials:

Natural Hair TopKnot

Back in 2012, Nicole (Melton) Cato, took the internet by storm with her top knot bun.  Her technique allows you to create a full, chic bun without the need to add synthetic hair.  You first, apply a detangler and brush your hair towards the center and use a hair tie to pull your hair into a puff. Next, you detangle the center of the bun and twist the ends. Pin the centerpiece, which will serve as the base for the bun.  For the perimeter, you detangle each section; twist each piece and pin each into the centerpiece. You then remove the hair tie, and smooth the edges. Finally,  you add the hair tie again to achieve the final look.

Tamara of Natural Hair Rules recreated this look. See pictures here.

French Braided Bun Updo

Would you like to wear a bun, but want a bit more visual interest?  Then check out this french braided, bun updo tutorial.  To achieve this look, you first french braid the back of your hair. In the front, you pull your hair into a ponytail and lay your edges with gel.  If you have long hair, you can do jumbo twists and bun you hair. If you would like some additional fullness, then bun your own hair.  With an elastic band, attach marley hair that is in a jumbo twist. Wrap it around your bun and secure.

Jumbo Bun Tutorial (with Marley “Donut”)

Would you like to use marley hair for a fuller bun, but don’t want the synthetic hair to be visible? Then try this trick!  First, put your hair in a ponytail and use a gel of choice to lay your edges. To ensure that your edges stay put, tie your hair with a headscarf to set.  Use a ponytail holder to secure the ends of your ponytail  and wrap the marley around the base of your ponytail.  Once the marley hair is secure, release the ends of your hair.  Form your hair around the marley hair and secure with a ponytail holder. Finally, puff your bun out and tuck in the ends.

3 Ways to Do a Bun Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how some slight adjustments can create a different looks for your bun?  NaturallyGG created a great tutorial that shows how minor tweaks can result in different bun looks. Using her own hair, she made slight adjustments in the height of her bun, how tightly her hair was pulled, and placement of pins to achieve different bun looks.  Her tutorial is so easy that even a novice can achieve these looks.

So, there you have it! Four tutorials to achieve your next jumbo bun.  I personally can’t decide on my favorite since I love them all so much.  Buns are great for pretty much every occasion.  Which one is your favorite?  Please share and add some of your own tips below.


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