5 Summer Hair Care Tips that Work in the Winter


Natural hair care can often seem confusing and overwhelming.  Natural hair behaves differently in varying temperatures and dew points. But you’d be surprised to know that many hair care tips are appropriate for any season.

Wear A Hat

In the summer, it is important to wear a hat to protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays.  Also, with humidity, a hat can hide swelling hair. Although you may wear a hat for different reasons in the winter, it is important to still wear one.  A hat can protect your hair from dryness caused by the cold and wind. Just make sure you wear a silk bonnet underneath or invest in a silk-lined hat.

Wear a Protective Style

In the summer, I wear protective styles to avoid frizz caused by humidity. In the winter, I wear protective styles to protect my hair from dryness. Whether you wear a protective styles in the summer or winter, it is important to moisturize and seal your hair strands– devoting special attention to your ends. Remember that protective styles are low maintenance, not no maintenance.

Water is A Moisturizer

In the winter, people often forget that to properly moisturize your hair you need… water.  Although you may switch to heavier oils and butters in the winter, it is important to start with water or  water-based moisturizers and use the L.O.C. method.  In the winter, you may not want to co-wash between washes anymore but consider steaming your hair or at least spritzing your hair to quench your thirsty strands.

Co-Wash Your Hair

In the summer, naturalistas tend to wash their hair more often to wash away sweat and chlorine, or simply to reset a frizzy style. In fact, you may co-wash mid-week.  In the winter, you will likely not wash that often, but if you find that your shampoo is drying your hair out in the winter, try a co-wash or cleansing conditioner. Not to be confused with simply using a conditioner to “wash” your hair, co-washes are designed as mild cleansers.  They may be sudsing or non-sudsing, but all are designed to be less drying than traditional shampoo options.

Deep Condition Your Hair (With Heat)

Deep conditioning your hair year round is important. In fact, in the summer, conditioning with hydrolyzed protein protects your hair against frizz. In the winter, it nourishes your hair since the cold, dry air can rob your hair of moisture.  In the winter, it is especially important to deep condition your hair with heat so that the conditioner can penetrate your strands. In the summer, you may avoid sitting under a hot dryer… but don’t skip this step in the winter.

As I mentioned, you only need to make minor tweaks to adjust your hair regimen for the winter months.  Although you may avoid humectants (i.e. honey and glycerin) during the winter months and switch to heavier oils/butters, the core of your regimen remains the same: wash (but not strip) your hair, deep condition, moisturize, and protect your strands.

What hair  care tips work for you year-round?


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