4 Natural Haircuts That Add Versatility


For so long in the natural hair community, there has been an emphasis on length.  But in the last two years, the trends shift.  We started to experiment more with cut and color.  If you are like me, you are probably considering switching up your look — but nothing too drastic.  I love the length of my hair, but I feel that it needs some more character so I’ve been researching various cuts that will give it more shape — but not lose too much length.  Surprisingly, I found lots of great haircuts that give natural hair some edge and visual interest, without requiring a big chop.  Here are my faves:

Tapered Fro

When India of MyNaturalSistas debuted her heart-shaped, tapered fro, I fell in love.  Her sister, Carmen has been known for her edgy and cute short cuts, but India showed that you don’t have to lose a lot of length to make a statement.  With this cut, it created a lot of volume at the top, with tapering at the back of her hair. The result, is hair with great shape and movement.  And it just gets better when she picks it out or wears days old hair.

Curly Bangs

When I was relaxed, the quickest way for me to switch up my look was to cut bangs.  When I went natural, I just knew that I could never wear bangs again.  Can you imagine the shrinkage on bangs that are cut on straight hair? But I never thought about cutting bangs while in its curly state. A cut of such a small portion of hair, makes a bold statement and frames the face in an entirely different way.  In this video, SunkissAlba used the Devacut method to cut her own bangs.  She carefully paid attention to where her natural curls fell.  Note: If you wear your hair in twist outs (rather than wash and gos), then you should cut your hair in that state.

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Layers and Shaping

Layers… this is the cut I’m seriously considering.  Layers allow you to add shape, movement, and visual interest without losing a lot of length. When layering your hair, you have the option of short or long layers.  Because it is tricky to cut layers into curly/kinky hair, it is advised that you see a stylist that understands how to cut natural hair. It is especially important to consider how your curls fall when cutting natural hair into layers.  If you are brave enough to cut your own layers, then check out Nik Scott’s DIY tutorial on layering and shaping.

Also, see 3 Stylist Recommended Ways To Trim Your Hair at Home

Asymmetrical Cut

Rachel O. Beauty’s haircut and color is nothing short of amazing. As part of the Creme of Nature Shine in Color Getaway, Rachel received a new cut and color. For her color, she is wearing “red copper”.  Her cut is slightly shorter on one side with more length at the front. This cut is stunning in a blowout, twistout, wand curled, or straightened.

So if you are interested in a new haircut, but a short cut is not for you then try one of these four haircuts.  They are big on style, but not short on length.

If this video sold you on the Creme of Nature Coloring System, you can find it here.

Do you plan on cutting your hair? If so, what cut are you considering?


4 thoughts on “4 Natural Haircuts That Add Versatility

  1. Camesha

    Somebody must have told you that I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair. I really like these options. I had been thinking about the Deva cut. We’ll see…

  2. Martha Harris

    I love your site you are very informative. I would like to start a blo on my hair journey and my healthy life style. How should I start this up? Thank you.


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