6 Steps For Repairing Breakage and Dry Winter Hair

Winter-Natural-Hair-CareThe harsh winter environment robs you of moisture and can wreak havoc on your hair strands. When you touch your hair it’s dry as a desert and you see broken off hairs falling left and right. You moisturize and you moisturize, but nothing seems to work. You try protective styling, that doesn’t help the situation either. Many of us have been there and I know personally it’s not fun. Don’t worry it happens to the best of us. Here are six steps that can reverse your ordeal before things get really bad:

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Step #1 Give your hair a boost of protein

Especially if you’re noticing a significant amount of breakage this indicates that your hair is in a weakened state. Filling in those gaps, tears and holes will drastically improve your situation. Use an effective protein treatment like ApHOGEE Two Step Protein Treatment and Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer, which you can find on Amazon or your local beauty supply store.

Step #2 Use a Quality Moisturizing Conditioner and Heat

After doing a protein treatment for some people things can get a bit dry, which is what you definitely do not want. Follow up with a good moisturizing conditioner (not a cheapie rinse out) and deep condition using heat for 15-30 minutes. You can use a sit under dryer or the convenient Hot Head Microwaveable Deep Conditioning Cap. Yes, you can always deep condition without heat, but you will maximize your efforts as it will aid in penetrating the hair shaft.

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Step #3 Apply a Leave In Conditioner 

All too often we underestimate the power of a good leave in. I’ll admit that even I have neglected this step, but trust me it matters. A good leave-in will leave your hair more moisturized, improve manageability, shine and make styling more easy. Some leave-in conditioners double as a heat protectant so if you can find one like this, it will be even better for those who decide to stretch your hair using a blow dryer.

Some NHR Leave-In Conditioner Picks are Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Leave-In Conditioner, Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, and Alikay Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner

Step #4 Stretch Your Hair 

While there are methods that you can use to fully embrace shrinkage and keep your moisturized like The Maximum Hydration Method, if you’re not a wash n go type of girl, stretching will be the preferred option.

Here’s why: when your hair is stretched it tends to be easier to moisturize and retain moisture longer. This is because the moisturizers, butters and oils have an easier time spreading throughout your stretched strands rather than when they are coiled up. You may not face this problem in the spring or summer because the air isn’t as dry, but in the winter it can get pretty ugly. It’s okay to use heat to stretch your hair, just make sure you take the proper steps to protect it this is addressed in 7 Myths About Heat & Natural Hair.

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Step #5 It’s Probably Time for a Trim

9 times out of 10 if you saw a great deal of breakage you have some splits to go along with it. Rid yourself of split ends and this will only improve the situation. Split ends cause more breakage because they can cause tangles and they are essentially a weak point on your strands. The breakage you have been seeing can also be coming from split ends that decided to break off on their own.

Step#6 Choose a Style That Will Make it Easier for You to Retain Moisture and is Gentle on Your Strands

While protective styles do help with retaining moisture make sure you choose a style that isn’t to stressful on your strands. A simple bun may be the perfect option or try a low manipulation style like a rod set. Depending on the condition of your hair it could be the perfect time to try out flat iron styles, as straightened hair will retain moisture longer and obviously will tangle less. Any style that will help you to retain more moisture and eliminate tangling issues will do.


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