5 Protective Styles We’re Eyeing this Winter


Protective styling (more about different protective styles) is a great way to retain length and is something you can do any time of the year. They’re especially helpful during the winter because they also help retain moisture and keep your hair safe from the potentially damaging effects of the dry, cold air.

Here are five popular ones you can try at home:

Box Braids

Remember when Poetic Justice came out in ’93 and EVERYBODY wanted those braids like Janet?! Fast forward 20+ years and we’re still rockin’ em! When done right, they can look super elegant and classy. Here’s a super easy Box Braid tutorial.

Box Braids


Whether you use Marley hair, Havana, Cuban Twists or regular 3 for $5 Kanekalon, twists are just as versatile as braids but with a slightly softer look. Because twists are not as taut as braids and are easier to work with, you can probably get a lot more styling options out of them. For me, since I do my own hair, I just find them to take much less time than braids might. You can test that theory out for yourself, of course. 😉

Crochet Braids

This is a great style if you want to protect your hair this winter but keep the ‘fro look going. Here’s a helpful tutorial to get you started. Depending on how quickly you get the technique down, you can finish in as little as three hours. Don’t have the patience? There are plenty of stylists out there who can hook you up. But, I’m telling you, it’s SO easy!

If you’re thinking about this style, you need to read this Guide to Crochet Braids. And here are 5 Crochet Braid Tips for Beginners.

Mini Twists

Protective styles don’t always mean adding hair. Here’s an effective way to give your hair a break and still have some leeway to style as you’d like. Sure, it can be time consuming but this video gives you an awesome suggestion on how to get ‘em done without stressing out!

Head Wraps

We go from adding hair to using our own hair to a style that doesn’t involve hair at all! A funky head wrap is the ultimate multitasker in the wintertime: it (1) keeps your head warm; (2) keeps your hair protected; (3) can cover up a flawed hairdo or (4) be a lifesaver when you’re strapped for time or hair style ideas and (5) add some flair to your outfit! Here’s a video on some cool ways to style them.

If you go the route of a protective style with added hair, make sure you are not neglecting your real hair but continuing to give it the TLC it needs by keeping it moisturized regularly and tying it down at night. Becareful not to install your braids or twists too tight and be gentle when styling to prevent breakage and possible hair loss.

Hope this gives you some ideas on what to do with your hair this season!

What protective style are you rocking these days? Which of these would you like to try before Spring rolls around?

Feature Images: fingercomber.com; facebook.com; YouTube


One thought on “5 Protective Styles We’re Eyeing this Winter

  1. Charlotte

    I am going to get box braids in a couple of weeks.i have been wearing my hair in Bantu knots or twist but it is not exposed to the winter ailments.


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