3 Simple DIY Options for Clarifying Natural Hair


We talk a lot about using heavier emollients and sealants during the winter to help our hair retain and maintain moisture. After a while, though, if we tend to pile ‘em on, we may begin to experience some buildup. Yuck! Give your hair its life back with these three clarifying options!

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Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Use this easy recipe to get rid of that icky residue left behind by butters and styling creams which can cause the hair to look dull over time.

8 oz applicator bottle | 2-3 oz of ACV | warm water | essential oil(s)- Optional

Fill your bottle with ACV, the rest with water. Add a few drops of your essential oils of choice. My favorites are Rosemary Oil { at Amazon, $9.50}, which assists in the removal of dandruff and stimulates growth, and  Tea Tree Oil { at Amazon, $14.99} which is soothing, aids in treating scalp conditions and leaves the scalp feeling refreshed. Shake it up, massage it in, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse well with cool water. Apple Cider Vinegar {at Amazon, $7.02}, also closes the hair cuticle to promote smoother, shinier hair and will help balance the pH of the hair and scalp. Take care not to get this in your eyes, it burns! The smell may linger when wet but will dissipate as your hair dries.

Baking Soda Rinse

This clarifying concoction will get rid of that nasty residue without making the hair feel stripped. I especially like to use this rinse to remove buildup when I’m wearing protective styles like braids or twists. {Baking Soda at Amazon, $8.64}

spray bottle | one (1) tbsp. baking soda |1.5 cups of warm water

Place your ingredients in the bottle and shake it up well. If your hair is long or really thick, feel free to double the ingredients but don’t add more baking soda unless you add more water. The mixture should be liquidy, not grainy. Spray onto the scalp and hair, massage it in, leave on for about three minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Rhassoul Clay

You may need to head to a specialty or health food store for this one. Rhassoul is a mineral-rich, natural clay that has been used for centuries to enhance texture and volume, soften the hair and eliminate dandruff. Not only does it safely clarify the hair and scalp but it also detoxifies. Here is a super simple recipe from one of my favorite vloggers, Whitney aka Naptural85.

What I love about all of these options is that they’re natural, quick and they get the job done without making your hair feel dry in the process. While the hair is deeply cleansed and clarified, the moisture is left intact. Amazing! {Rhassoul Clay at Amazon, $19.50}

Bentonite Clay is also a great option. You can read about here.

Is clarifying a regular part of your hair routine? Which of these treatments have you tried?


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