4 Ways to Create Heatless Curls

Heatless-wand-curls Heatless wand curls: it was one of the top natural hair trends of 2014. (And I don’t expect the trend to slow down in 2015.)  I purchased my curl wand in mid-November and fell in love at first sight.  The next thing I knew, it was my go-to hair style.  But as we all know, the constant use of heat can damage natural hair. Because of this, I’ve been researching heatless alternatives to wand curls.  I’ve scoured the web and curated a list of the top tutorials for heatless curl options.  Your hair will thank me later…


Remember Curlformers?  I have a set of those expensive  ($60) Curlformers sitting under my bathroom sink.  I used to love them. They provided sleek, heatless curls with a quick drying time.  At first, they can be a challenge. But once you get a hang of the installation process, they are a breeze. The key to Curlformers is to thoroughly detangle your hair beforehand.  Hair should be styled on damp (not wet) hair to ensure a quick styling time. You should also be careful with the hook so that you do not snag your hair. Also, make sure you style in small sections. If you try to put too much hair into a Curlformer, your results will not be sleek. Samirah provided a very thorough explanation of the Curlformer installation a few months ago.

Heatless Roller Set Curls

If you really want to go old school, then try an old fashioned roller set with snap on rollers. For the wand set look, use smaller rollers. Similar to a Curlformer set, you must set your hair on detangled hair.  Hair should be damp and hair should be set using a setting lotion of your choice.  For smooth ends, use end papers and then roll your hair up the curler. Hair products should be distributed evenly throughout your hair and make sure that your hair is set “smoothly” on the roller.  In this video, Toni of MyNaturalSistas explained how to achieve a smooth, heatless roller set.

Flexi Rod Set on Dry Hair

Do you have issues with your hair drying when you set your hair on wet or damp hair?  Then try Naptural85’s cheat on a flex rod set… on dry hair. First, start on dry, stretched hair.  To set the hair, she used gel and some pomade on dry hair. She works in small sections, puts on the flex rods starting from the ends of hair, and secures the flex rod by folding it downward. Because she started on dry hair, it created a smoother look with looser cools — that are reminiscent of wand curls.

Perm Rod Set on Dry Hair

Don’t have flexi rods? Or do you struggle with flex rods (like me)? Then try Naptural85’s dry perm rod set tutorial. It is similar to her flexi rod tutorial, but instead she used perm rods.

Twist and Roll Dry Rod Set

The heatless curl method that most resembles wand curls is the twist and roll dry rod set. To achieve this look, start on dry, stretched hair.  Dampen hair with water and saturate hair with a setting lotion.  To help hair stay on the roller, apply more setting lotion on the ends.  As you put the hair on the roller, twist then roll.  This method allows your hair to set in a method that most resembles wand curls. Separate the curls, fluff and enjoy your wand curls dupe.

Whether you want to avoid heat altogether or you are  looking for a way to refresh a wand style, these dupes are worth a try.  These styles bring all the heat — without the heat.  So  next time you are reaching for your curl wand, try one of these heatless curl want options.

See: 3 More Ways To Stretch & Curl Natural Hair WithOUT Heat

Do you love wand curls? What are your heatless curl wand options?


3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Create Heatless Curls

  1. Toya

    I recently purchased some flexi rods in the hopes of doing some heatless curls. These tutorials will help. My only problem is finding the right setting lotion. #BLMGirls


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