Were the Two QVC Hosts Making Fun of Natural Hair or was it just Bad Timing?

According to Cosmopolitan, QVC has come under fire for a segment it recently ran that featured its two hosts making fun of the featured model’s natural hair.

In the video below, you can hear two hosts talking about a specific purse; then, as the camera pans over a model who’s modeling the purse, the anchors start talking about hair. One says, “You might look back and think, ‘Why’d I wear my hair like that?’ but you’ll still like your purse.” The other says, “That’s right. You won’t look at your hair in the picture; you’ll look at your handbag.”  But maybe this is just bad timing with the camera angle.

That all may be very true — Bennett and her co-host may have been trying to highlight the “timeless” aspect of the purse by poking fun at the fact that many people often do look back at photos of how they look and cringe (with the implication being that you’d never think that about this particular purse, because it will never go out of style). Everyone on-screen could have just been victim to an unfortunate camera pan, but given the problematic stigma surrounding black and Afro-Latina women and natural hair, and the fact that the comment about hair wasn’t even really necessary to sell the bag, maybe this should serve as a good reminder to everyone to be a little more thoughtful about the things you say before opening your mouth and making a potentially racially insensitive comment.

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7 thoughts on “Were the Two QVC Hosts Making Fun of Natural Hair or was it just Bad Timing?

  1. Tonia

    Why did hair have to be mentioned at all? Some people need to stop defending poor and tasteless actions of others when subconscious behaviors comes to the surface as derogatory, prejudices and ignorant comments or action….really

  2. Pam

    Uhm that didn’t seem like a reference to the models hair. Let’s stop playing victims please. They were just referring to how the purse is timeless and if one looked at an old picture, like we all have done, would think cute purse but what was I thinking with that hairstyle or outfit, etc.

    1. tiffany

      You stop playing the damn victim. People like you are so blind and ignorant. The statement was obviously racist in orientation. I truly do not understand why you would comment when you are obviously not Black and do not understand what we go through on a regular basis. So don’t speak for us

      1. Pam

        Lol, Seriously. That’s why I hate commenting on blogs, etc. It’s called an opinion. You get crazy people who cuss you out and call you names. Seriously? And over what, an opinion that was not created out of hate, why does everything always have to be so white and black. For the record I am black and rock my natural born hair. Please try to not take things so personal especially in a blog, lol.

      2. Beni

        That comment was obviously directed at the models hair. Look up microagressions. There are always people that claim someone has heard something wrong or it was just in jest. And at the same time they demand that the people their little “jokes” are directed at should not be so sensitive, when they not downright claim that the comment was not directed at them when they face consequences for it just like in this case. They were talking about her and someone has to be intentionally obtuse to claim they were not. Stuff like that is a daily occurance for almost every woman that wears her hair natural and it is time to stand up to that and stop it. Stuff like this is the death by a thousand cuts for the selfesteem of many women and girls with natural hair.

  3. Latina

    I think the comment is insenitive in general. It could have been said differently to highlight the timelessness of the bag. I am curious about how the model felt when she heard the comment.

  4. Ariane Williams Post author

    What gets me is the model’s reaction to the comment. Check the video at the 40 second mark. Is it possible that they weren’t talking about her? Yes. Regardless, the model didn’t seem like she liked it too much. Sandra Bennett claims in her cover up “apology” that she reached out to Michelle, the model featured. Supposedly Michelle didn’t even remember the comment. I find that hard to believe by the look of her expression change in that video.


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