3 Stylist Recommended Ways To Trim Your Hair at Home

Barber_Hair_ShearsWhen it comes to the maintenance of your hair, trimming is an essential part. Trimming is necessary in order to combat breakage and split ends. Keeping up with regular trimming, will lead to healthier hair and help maximize growth. I have no problem trimming my clients hair, but always offer easy at-home tips for a do-it-yourself trim. But before we get into them, its important to have the proper tools. Make sure you only trim your hair with professional hair shears to prevent further split ends and breakage.

1. Two strand twist method
When you’re in need of a trim, usually your twists will be frizzy at the ends or knot easily. They will also feel dry, considering the ends are the oldest, making them prone to splitting or snapping.

So, when you have twisted you’re hair and notice one or all of these issues listed, start with the bottom row of twists (in nape area) and snip the frizzy, fuzzy ends off. When doing so, try to snip the approximate amount from each individual twist to keep from losing shape.

2. SEARCH & Destroy Method
This method is a little more tedious as it calls for you to search out split ends or single strand knots and snip them. Some like this method, but beware that it makes for jagged, uneven ends. This method is made easy when performed on 2a-3c hair textures.

3. Blow out Method
This method provides the best visibility to dry, split ends by heat stretching the hair with a blow dryer. By using medium/low heat, you can stretch out the hair, making it easier to shape and trim. This method is recommended mostly for tighter, 4b/4c textures.

Additional Tips
* be sure to moisturize ends and seal with an oil or butter, this helps minimize split ends.
* for hair that is highly manipulated trim frequently (once every 2-3 months)
* low manipulated strands should be trimmed once every 6 months or so.
* utilizing protective styles will help protect ends from damage


One thought on “3 Stylist Recommended Ways To Trim Your Hair at Home

  1. jazzy

    i really need this question answered, when following the two strand twist method, what if my the entire twist is frizzy. what do i do


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