3 New Heatless Ways to Stretch and Curl Natural Hair

Yes, heat is the easy sure fire way to stretch your hair, but many of us naturals like to avoid it when we can. We are more informed about the wear and tear that heat inflicts on our hair overtime. Which is why we have found healthier heat free ways for getting the stretch that we want. Here are some methods to stretch your natural hair that if you haven’t tried yet, you should go for it in 2015:


Bubble Wrap Curls

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but bubble wrap can be transformed into rollers. Even on kinky textured natural hair, done properly it can create an amazing set of stretched out curls! The also look a world of a lot more comfortable than sleeping on those perm rods or curlformers. Like any roller set style they do take patience, but the results are well worth it. Also if you are on a budget and don’t feel like purchasing rollers you can keep some dollars in your pocket using this nifty trick.

SSS Plates

Have you heard about the famous CWK plates. Thankfully the innovative Kelechi Bradley has relaunched them as SSS (Snap, Stretch, Style) plates. The results on kinky textured hair are impressive. No more resorting to the blowdryer or the flat iron when you need a stretched style. If you are in a rush you can use a hooded dryer to speed up the process, but this is not required. You can alternatively let them air dry overnight for a completely heat free styling option. More about recent news on CWK plates.

The Max Hydration Method

Moisturized hair will without a doubt stretch more. If you have yet to try this method in 2014, you should definitely give it a go in 2015. First, What is the Max Hydration Method. Read about it here.  I won’t lie to you, this method is work, but for those suffering from dryness issues you will love the results. When you first try this method, you may not get the most gorgeous wash n go to start with, but overtime as the method systematically increases moisture retention you will. Overtime, your hair will have more curl definition and while it will not be stretched out to its full length it will definitely get some stretch as the moisture will keep your hair from looking so shrunken.

Read: 5 Steps To Maximum Hydration for 4c Natural Hair


Have you tried any of these methods yet? Any that you are willing to try in the New Year?


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