5 Crochet Braids Tips for Beginners

Thinking about crochet braids?  Here are some things that you may not know, that will help make your first DIY installation easier and give you the best possible outcome:

crochet braids

Sadly, not all brands are created equal


We would like to think that all brands are essentially the same but they are not. Some brands are more tangly and harder to work with than others. Crochet braids are an easy DIY  style, but when you use the wrong hair it can make the detangling and styling process bothersome.

You can find a list of our favorite brands of crochet braid hair here.

Your braid pattern matters

Consider how you want your hair to fall. For instance, if  you typically have a side part, then you will want to make sure your braid pattern is swooping to side so it is framing your face the way you like it to.

You don’t have to use a crochet hook

If you don’t have a crochet hook, don’t worry there are two other alternatives that many of you may already have in your home. You have the choice of using a bobby pin or a hair beader. I have used the bobby pin technique and it works great. Crochet hooks are fairly inexpensive if you wan’t to use one, but if you don’t feel like getting one you really don’t have to.

An overview of how to use a bobby pin for crochet braids

How to use a hair beader

Space your sections out

Especially if you are going with Marley Hair, the hair is already full so you definitely have room to space out each section that you do to avoid the style from becoming overly full.

Detangle the hair before installing and upon completion

Especially if you are going for a curly look and you are using marley hair you will want to detangle prior to adding to your hair to make the detangling process easier. Use a denman brush to help remove tangles, you can also add a small amount of product to give you some slip.

Make sure you have the right type of roller

Sponge rollers and flexi rods will not do. They hold too much water and they will not give you the definition you are looking for. Go for perm rods or a smaller sized plastic roller. Smaller size rollers will give you that nice spiral effect and give you the appearance of a twist out style.

More Tips About Installing Crochet Braids From a Natural Hair Stylists



3 thoughts on “5 Crochet Braids Tips for Beginners

  1. Dronna

    Coming out of a perm it been a year . hair will not go an still sheading a lot. What can u use to get my hair to grow


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