4 Earth’s Nectar Products at Sephora.com That You Should Try

Tamika Fletcher Natural Resources Salon Earth's NectarEarth’s Nectar is all-natural hair brand that was founded in my hometown, Houston, TX by a woman I like to call a ‘Jackie of All Trades’, Tamika Fletcher. Fletcher has worked hard to build her own brand as a beauty, hair care and DIY lifestyle expert. You may recognize her from her DIY segments on nationally syndicated show, Mirror, Mirror. This is a sponsored but doesn’t change how much I absolutely love these products!

Tamika Fletcher is co-owner and lead stylist of Natural Resources Salon and the founder of Earth’s Nectar Skin and Hair Care. Earth’s Nectar was created in her kitchen to help clients repair dry, damaged curls and coarse strands. It’s known for replenishing, reviving and renewing natural hair without using artificial color, parabens, mineral oil or petroleum.

I have tried and loved almost half of the products in the Earth’s Nectar product line.  Here are my favorites that I think you should also get to know; NOW available at Sephora.com. Shop at http://www.sephora.com/earths-nectar.

Earth’s Nectar Products You Should Try!!!

Earth's Nectar Coconut CurlsCoconut Curls

I’m really in love with Earth’s Nectar Coconut Curls ($23.50) as a leave-in and daily moisturizer. Its smells great. And it leaves my hair smooth and with lots of body. I actually mentioned this product in Essence’s 2014 Natural Hair Blogger Gift Guide.

Earth's Nectar Monoï Hair Milk

Monoï Hair Milk

Monoï Hair Milk ($21.50) is a daily moisturizer which includes coconut, palm oil, and healing Tiare Tahiti flowers.  It’s fragrant, smooth, nourishes and also repairs damaged hair. This product is perfect regardless of the season.  It’s also an Earth’s Nectar top seller.

Earth's Nectar Nourish


Nourish ($23.50) is a hydrating leave-in conditioning detangled spray.  This spray almost magically melts tangles away.  Its ingredients include moisturizing aloe vera juice which gives it its lightweight and non-greasy consistency that increases hair manageability.  I’ve used this product before shampooing as a pre-poo and detangling treatment.

Earth's Nectar Honey Curls

Honey Curls

Honey Curls ($23.50) is the only gel that will touch my hair.  I get the best curl definition and shine with this gel.  You can see a quick pic here. It smells amazing and isn’t hard to the touch at all.

Find out more about these products at Sephora.com or select Sephora stores.

 Have you tried any of these products? How did you like them?

Tell me below in the Comments Section.


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