Natural Hair Rules!!! 10 Best Healthy Hair Tips of 2014

10 Best Healthy Hair Tips 2014This year alone my team and I have published more than 200 healthy hair tips for those with natural hair or considering going natural. These tips cover the topics of moisturizing, styling, growing, and caring for natural hair and much, much more.

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1. 5 Easy DIY Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair

Creating your own natural hair care recipes at home doesn’t have to be tedious or time consuming. By using practical ingredients that are usually found in most homes, you can create a phenomenal at-home deep conditioner in 5 minutes or less. Here are 5 easy yet powerful DIY deep conditioner recipes that you can make in the convenience of your own home.

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2. 10 Best Cheapie Conditioners For Natural Hair

Cheapie Conditioners are perfect for detangling, rehydrating, and co-washing the driest of hair. I’ve put together a list of Ten $5 or Less Conditioners that work wonders for any hair type.

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3. 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Braid Extensions/Box Braids

It’s widely believed that braid extensions help to “grow” hair, which in part can be true. While they are certainly a great protective style that helps you retain length, here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Braid Extensions to keep in mind.

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4. Senegalese Twists: What Not To Do

Here are 3 Things I learned from installing my sister’s senegalese twists. Don’t make the same mistakes I made.  Plus, 2 video tutorials.

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5. 5 DIY Moisturizing Sprays 

There are tons of different hair mists, styling refreshers and hair moisturizing sprays on the shelves that contain ingredients that your natural hair may not necessarily like or need.  A DIY hair mist can contain all the ingredients you want on your hair and none that you don’t and be a custom concoction that’s just perfect for your hair.

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6. 3 Ways To Treat Dry Scalp, Naturally

Dry Scalp can happen year round. But its more common in the winter. Here are 3 Ways to treat dry scalp, Naturally.

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7. How to Get Perfect 3 Strand Twists

3-Strand Twists if you are not familiar are not braids. Its a completely different technique. Alyssa Forever shares with the NHR Family an Easy 3 Strand Twists Tutorial. This posts also includes Step-by-step and video tutorial.

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8. 7 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Doesn’t Look Like Its Growing

Have you ever felt like your hair wasn’t growing? Sometimes it only seems like your natural hair has completely stopped growing. But the truth is kinky, coily and Afro-textured hair is the most fragile hair type of all, which also makes it the most easily susceptible to damage and breakage and gives the appearance of stunted growth.

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9. 20 Natural Hair Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

Natural hair can be a challenge at times. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new natural, here are some of these tips are common knowledge, while others are life hacks you never thought of. Either way, this is an easy list that you can bookmark for future reference.

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10. 10 Things Keeping Your Natural Hair From Growing

It seems everyone is on a quest for “long hair don’t care”. You can very well obtain it by avoiding these 10 hair breaking mistakes that are keeping you from growing long natural.

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One thought on “Natural Hair Rules!!! 10 Best Healthy Hair Tips of 2014

  1. Wanda

    I once loved ACV, but after learning I have 4b, low porosity hair and I read low porosity hair shouldn’t use ACV what can I do cause I like ACV., I’m i damaging my hair by using ACV?, please help


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