5 Must Try Rod Set Tutorials for the Holidays

Perm Rod Set Tutorial

Rod sets are versatile in that they look great whether your hair is natural, in transition, or pressed. However, they can go amazingly right or horribly wrong. This is because when you go for a rod set you want your curls to be super defined, frizz free and sleek. Neglecting certain steps or rushing the process will land you with results that are just the opposite of what you are looking for. Use these must see tutorials as your guide for getting beautiful polished results:

Use a good dependable product that will give you a nice hold

This tutorial shows us the technique for getting fabulous curls without using any heat, but it also shows us the downside of using the wrong product. In this case, using the right product for your roller set is essential because it does play a major role in how the style will turn out and how long it will hold. While, the curls looked beautiful in this tutorial the flakes were out of control. Using a hair setting foam, is probably your best bet because they are the least likely to product flakes, they sculpt curls, and will give you a long lasting hold.

I recommend: Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll

Keep shrinkage at bay by stretching hair and then moisturizing

Some of us ladies who have high shrinkage hair just do not get the best results if we style on wet hair. Styling on blown out stretched hair will also be great for those who do not want to fully embrace shrinkage and they want curls that are not as tight. In this tutorial Simply Mara’s hair is already stretched out a great deal, she then uses her spray bottle to spritz with water, smooths her hair out, and then applies EcoStyler gel.

Wan’t to cut down on some time use this shortcut

Even though rods sets are fairly easy to do, to get the best outcome, it will require time and patience. However, if you try TheChicNatural’s Pony Hawk, the styling time will definitely be cut down some. Since a great deal of your hair is slicked down into the ponytail you are not dealing with as much hair rod.

Rod sets look great on short natural hair!

If you are looking for a way to change up things and you are tired of the same old TWA, rod sets can give you beautiful new look. This naturalista has by far some of the best results yet.

Get creative with your curls

Mo Knows Hair shows us three special occasion hairstyles that you can do with your rod set and even better how she maintains her results throughout the week. Her night time routine will have your curls popping for days to come!



One thought on “5 Must Try Rod Set Tutorials for the Holidays

  1. Takiyah

    I’ve been trying to do perm rods for the longest, but my hair is really soft and fine. I have problems trying to the roots at my hairline to unfrizz and lay fltat.


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