5 Easy DIY Holiday Natural Hairstyles


5 Simply Beautiful Updos for the Holiday Season

On your own you can achieve elegant head turning holiday hairstyles in little to no time. Many of you are wondering how to style your hair for that holiday party you are invited to or your next big family event. You also might be thinking about the time your going to need or if you are even capable of doing it on your own. Even worse what happens when you are invited to a last minute holiday event? Here are some great tutorials that you can use as hairstyle inspiration and a guide for looking flawless for the holidays:

This updo tuck in roll side swept style is best achieved on hair that has been stretched, has curl definition, and most importantly has moisture. You can do this style on an old twist out and refresh your hair by spritzing water or a water based moisturizer. You can then proceed to smoothing, rolling, and pinning your hair in this chic classy updo.

So Discovering Natural got an impromtou invite to a holiday party on wash day of all days…geesh. Fortunately, she was creative enough to come up with a beautiful twisted updo to share with all you naturals who find yourself in this same situation. Before starting this style make sure you take time thoroughly detangle your hair. ┬áThe beginning of this video goes over Discovering Natural’s detangling process, and at the 4:15 mark the styling portion of this video begins. She leaves the front section out for her bangs and the rest of her hair is divided into two sections. The great part about this style is the twists are not skinny, you are doing medium to chunky sized twists which take less time to do. You can take your own spin on this style by twisting in any direction or pattern you want. The key is to ensure that your ponytails are completely twisted up.

Nappy Novelty, shares a quick elegant updo that is perfect for naturals who have shorter hair, but this also work for longer lengths as well. Again, you will want to make sure you are doing this style on hair that is stretched and has curl definition. She creates a pompadour in the front by tucking rolling and pinning into place. To create a full bun she uses a nylon stocking to wrap around her head and create a puff. She then twists around the circumference of the puff until the ponytail is completely twisted. This creates a beautiful textured look and to accentuate this even more she adds gold hoop accessories to make this look even more dazzling.

A simply glamorous hairstyle that can quickly be achieved! All you need is some marley hair to create a full bun. Make sure you neatly and loosely wrap the hair around your ponytail then pin in place. You really want this hairstyle to have a smooth and sleek look so you are going to need a gel for hold. Eco styler gel is perfect for this. To smooth out your hair even more wrap with a silk scarf.

Finally, we have another gorgeous natural hairstyle that is pretty easy to do. Start by sectioning off the back section of your hair. The back section will be tucked, rolled, and pinned into place. The front portion of your hair will be off to the side and set in curlformers or alternatively you can use flexi rods. Use a good setting foam for hold and make sure you give your hair ample time to fully dry before removing your set. Once you remove the rollers, gently separate and fluff to avoid frizz.

Not everyone always has the time or wants to spend all day doing their hair. The holiday season is busy as is, which is why I thought it would be great to share styles that look great but don’t take up your entire day. Hope you enjoyed these styles and you go onto creating your own version of these fabulous looks with your personal spin.



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