5 Tutorials That Will Help You Perfect The Tuck and Roll

Tuck and roll styles are adored by many naturals because they can be created in no time and the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for something more on the retro scale of things or a chic classy style, you can achieve this with the tuck and roll also call a pin-up updo. While this style is not as time consuming to create, they misleading look easy. If you aren’t use to it, tuck and roll styles can go horribly wrong, but that’s what we are here for to help guide you along the way!

Tuck and Roll Natural Hairstyles

Starting Out On the Right Track:

  • Ideally you want to start on hair that is stretched and detangled well so that it has a more full look. Shruken hair doesn’t usually produce the best results and tends to look matted. Stretched hair will also be easier to work with to form, shape, and mold into a great style.
  • You can choose to blow your hair out or this can be done on hair that has been stretched using braids or twists.
  • Choose a good moisturizer to help smooth your hair out, you will want to go with a product that will aid in giving your hair some stretch. Products with Shea Butter are good for helping out in this area. If you wan’t a sleek tuck and roll look go with a good hair gel.
  • You will want to put enough tension on the hair so that it is neat, but when roll the hair avoid doing it too tightly because you will want some volume.
  • Use bobby pins that will give you a secure hold. You may want to go with the larger size pins, as smaller ones may not be able to get through thicker hair and give you the hold that you need.

#1 French Roll With Twisted Bang ( Medium to Long Hair)

The chunky twists in the front of this style are just everything! A very elegant take on the tuck and roll by Kyss My Hair.

#2 Tuck and Roll on 4C hair  (Short to Medium Lengths)

KinkyCurlyTop, shows us how to create a tuck and roll style on shorter length 4C hair.

#3 Chic Updo (Medium to Long Lengths)

Ambrosia Malbrough, makes pulling off this chic style look so easy. Most of the work comes into play when you shape the front of the hair as the rest of your hair is in a high ponytail and then pinned into place.

#4 Vintage Victory Roll Updo

Simplycre8eve, shows us an absolutely gorgeous vintage style! She shows us her trick of getting the perfectly formed bang using a flexirod, this hands down has to be one of my personal favorites.

#5  Sleek Pinned Up Style

For a tucked style on the sleeker side of things, you will want to use a good hair gel that is non drying like Eco Styler for a nice hold. In this tutorial the hair is put into a high ponytail, while the front remains out to be tucked and pinned into place until the desired results are achieved.

Remember to Be Versatile and Creative!

The great thing about this style option is that there are so many routes that you can take. You can leave some of your curls out in the front, you can pin it up to form a pompadour, or you can create a pretty twisted bang. Use these tutorials as inspiration for creating your own take on the tuck and roll.


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