10 Winter Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types

10 Winter Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types

Having a regimen that effectively assists in hair growth, length retention and moisture is imperative to the overall health of your hair. But when seasons change, you will find that your hair changes with it.

You may experience more shedding or increased dryness. Simply tweaking an effective regimen, in order to maintain healthy hair during drastic climate changes, may render significant results in your natural hair journey.

1. Deep Condition More Frequently

When hair begins to experience signs of dryness and roughness, you want to be sure to increase deep conditioning methods. If you deep conditioning once a month, you want may increase to once every 2 weeks. This will replenish the loss of moisture.

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2. Shampoo Less

Shampooing less often (maybe bi-weekly instead or weekly) if you’re using traditional (sulfate) shampoos.

Ouidad Clarifying Cream3. Switch To a Creamy Cleanser or Gentle Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Or use a creamy cleansers like Jessicurl Creamy Cleanser (which is a Natural Hair Rules’s personal favorite).  Ouidad Superfuit Clarifying Shampoo is another good one. Don’t forget to condition after every shampoo. This will assist in restoring oils and moisture lost through shampooing and harsh weather conditions.

4. Rinse With Cool Water

When rinsing, use cooler water temperatures, as this will help shut raised cuticles and seal in moisture as well.

5. Beware of Your Winter Accessorize

Be aware that the fashionable knitted hats, caps and scarves, though trendy, also contribute to dryness of our strands. If you partake in the trend, be sure to moisturize frequently (as needed) or cover hair with a silk or satin scarf/lining.

If dryness persists, switch moisturizers and avoid cotton hats, scarves, pillow cases, and other head accessories, and be diligent in wrapping hair with a satin wrap or bonnet.

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6. Protective Style for Length Retention

Who doesn’t like to see the length that they have acquired over the course of growing their hair? To see the length normally requires a high manipulation styling method. But, in cooler temperatures and climates, it is safer to utilize various protective styling options to retain length, as this tends to keep ends tucked, sheltered from dryness and breakage, and helps maintain proper moisture levels. Check out this Guide For Protective Styling With Crochet Braids

If twists/bantu/braid outs are desired, be sure to optimize moisture by utilizing your favorite moisturizer to achieve such styles. Attempt to avoid heat at all cost in the lower temperatures and harsher climates. Heat usage dries the moisture from inside the strands (cuticle) which leaves hair dry and brittle.

If heat is necessary, use on a lower heat setting and incorporate an alcohol-free heat protectant or serum which will act as a barrier between the heat tool and strands. But, when possible, swap heat tools for no heat or low heat styling.

7. Proper Diet Prevents Excessive Shedding

Holidays, fall, and winter are usually the times we indulge in our favorite comfort foods. We lay out the spread of foods we’ve enjoyed since childhood that make this time of year special. But, it takes a toll on our bodies, as well as our hair.

Improper diets can lead to excessive shedding, dryness, brittle, straw-like hair, especially when consumed on a normal basis. To combat excessive shedding (read more about Identifying Normal Shedding), during a season when shedding is more prevalent, one may consume proper vitamin intake, drink adequate amounts of water, and enjoy a well-balanced diet.

8. Don’t Stress

In conjunction to consumption, do away with stress where possible. Holiday season is stressful, so try to engage in exercise and meditation to help alleviate stress levels, and avoid stress when possible. This is such a major part in the health of our hair. You can treat the hair externally, but if hair isn’t nourished internally, it won’t yield great of results.

9. Trim Those Ends

Trimming is a necessary part of length retention. Sounds crazy, I know. But, it is important to rid your hair of all split ends, or otherwise they will continue to split up the hair shaft. Waiting too long in between trims, especially if hair has displayed signs of trauma or chronic dryness and brittleness, can also cause one to lose length.

To help battle against breakage during frigid, harsh climates, receive frequent trims (6-8 weeks). If low or no manipulation styling is your preference, you can stretch trims to 12 weeks. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but enough to rid one of damaged, frayed, split ends which will in turn assist in retaining your growth. Here are more signs its time for a trim.

A good indicator that it is time for a trim is when the hair begins to appear stunted (not growing at all or getting shorter). Visit a professional for an assessment if this isn’t particularly your area of expertise.

Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream10. Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize…

Here are 5 moisturizing products that I recommend this winter.

Great moisturizers for the winter:

Amla and Olive Heavy Cream by Qhemet Biologics
Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream
Cantu Shea Butter Creamy Hair Lotion
Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter
Camille Rose Curlaide Moisture Butter

Implementing these tweaks into your regimen will help winterize your hair, retaining the health of the hair. It doesn’t take much, but just a few additional steps can keep one’s hair from experiencing trauma and shock due to rapid, harsh temperature or climate changes. The listed tweaks can also be utilized when regional changes are made, when one have relocated from one climate to another. Researching and understanding the environment you have entered, and adapting one’s regimen will keep hair in a healthier state.

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