CWK Straight Plates: Not a Scam

CWK Straight Plates Not a ScamEarlier this month, due to the abrupt stop in production and shipping of CWK Straight Plates, some have call the Kickstarter campaign that raise 4x times its goal, A Scam. Black Girl Long Hair recently described some of the sketchiness of the campaign after it was time to fulfill pledge gifts.  I will admit that if I were a finacial backer, it did seem a little fishy.  The lack of transparency and communication on the part of CWK Straight Plates developer, Kelechi Bradley also did not help put the rumors and speculation to rest.

I received tCWK No-Heat Straight Platehis email from Krystal James, Brand Manager of CWK Girls, LLC explaining the situation that lead to the company refunding thousands of dollars to its 529 backers and temporarily stopping production of all CWK Straight Plate products.

The CWK Girls brand is widely known for the CWK Straight Plates, a tool that was designed to straighten natural hair without the use of direct heat. Developer Kelechi Bradley started a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $24,000 and garnered over five hundred backers. Overnight Kelechi and the CWK Girls team were thrust into the natural hair community and thousands of followers instantly had a front row seat to witness every step and misstep that our team made as we navigated the development process.

Over the course of six months, we completed the product renderings, packaging, and several rounds of testing. Just weeks before the CWK Girls team was set to begin the mass production of the product an unknown source came forward claiming that they too had a patent for an almost identical product. Our attorney has been working diligently to investigating the claim; however, due to the nature of patents and the time frame of the filling our attorney cannot yet confirm nor deny the claim. We have tried to initiate further contact with the alleged owner of the patent, but our emails have gone unanswered.

Taking the advice of the CWK Girls attorney, Kelechi temporarily halted the production the Straight Plates and has decided to fully refund all 529 backers. Ultimately, our team did not believe that it was fair for our backers to wait an uncertain amount of time while the issue is being sorted. To add to the matter, our attorney also initially advised Kelechi not to conduct any interviews due the sensitive nature of the claim. This silence caused some backlash from the natural hair bloggers and forums. All of the reports that have been published are untrue and based solely on speculation. Kelechi and the CWK Girls team has been working day and night to remain in good standing with our investors and protect the CWK Girls brand. Over two hundred refunds have been initiated.

I have been given the opportunity to interview CWK Girls Developer, Kelechi Bradley. If you have any questions you would like me to ask leave them in the comments section below.


8 thoughts on “CWK Straight Plates: Not a Scam

  1. Sarah Wells

    I placed an order in early August, and it took 3 weeks to ship. I have a feeling it would have taken longer if ever, had I not sent a demanding email around the 3 week mark. Product seems like a great idea, but not pleased with customer service.

    1. April

      It doesn’t take much to respond to an email.. I’m going through the same thing and I will go on the website and give a review on the status of the order if and when it comes..It’s ridiculous how people can try to support black businesses and they make you regret it.

  2. Pearl Watson

    I placed an order in July 2015. The order posted with my bank on 7-17-2015. I received my order the last few days of September or first few days of October. (I should have written the date on my calendar.) My order was short and none of the 42 purple male/female extenders could bend to close. Therefore, the attachment was useless. I emailed daily from Oct 6th to October 16th. I finally got a response on Oct. 12th that was an apology and said that my email would be forwarded to the “CEO”. I have yet to get an email much less a postage paid envelope to return the defective items nor a refund. I just filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs of my state. I suggest that the other unsatisfied customers do the same.

      1. Pearl Watson

        It was on the package of plates mailed to me. The address is CWK Girls, PO Box 15364,
        Humble, TX 77347. Contact the BBB, Consumer Affairs, and the Attorney General of Texas to get your refund. I agree about their lack of customer service. Once you pay, the relationship is over whether or not you receive your purchase. I rate them a 1 out of 100.

  3. Renee

    I purchased an order in early February and STILL haven’t received anything. I’m getting my lawyer involved bc clearly they’re fraudulent. I’ve sent several emails.

  4. DK

    I placed an order and received a confirmation email the same day. The money was taken from my bank account the same day. The email stated that once the package ships an email notification will be sent to me.

    I am yet to recieve a shipment notification. I have since sent two emails asking for updates but nothing. I am unable to post on their instagram.

    I wish I had dug abit deeper before placing my order. I would have seen the comments and not done so.

  5. Arie

    I also am experiencing the backlash of this scam artist. why are you able to order from them yet daily instagram post are also promoting this product. SCAM.COM I ordered my combo set on oct 30, 2016 it is now noverber 13,2016 and i still have not heard back from anyone.


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