Tamera Mowry Wears Natural Hair on The Real

Tamera Mowry Wears Natural Hair on The Real

Tamera Mowry Wears Natural Hair on The Real. ¬†Mowry will talk about her hair today on the “Don’t Touch My Hair” Segment. For airing times and more clips visit: TheReal.com

What do you think of her Natural Look?

Photo Credit: Instagram


3 thoughts on “Tamera Mowry Wears Natural Hair on The Real

    1. Djphoenix

      I love it. I saw it and thought how brave she is to wear her natural hair, given the pressure for on-air personalities (particularly those who are ethnically ambiguous to many) to be culturally affordable – meaning as European as possible. It, unfortunately, must have been something that she deliberated over before doing it – a type of social justice move. That aside, Tamera look’s absolutely gorgeous. My respect for Tamera continues to grow as I watch her and her sister move through their lives. They have been gracious enough to share their personal moments and thoughts with their fans, good and bad. They have also been great role models for girls and young woman. I’ve known many girls that they have positively influenced as I am a teacher. Tamera now walks the road of other prominent women of color in the industry who have taken the same small, but courageous step to make things better/more equitable for all. Star Jones, Tyra Banks, Monique, Gabourey Sidibe, Jennifer Lopez and now Lupita are modern sisters of color who have worked consciously to crash that glass ceiling/wall by showing up as themselves. They’ve shown up to make money and to change the game. Big ups to Tamera. Her hair is beautiful.


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