Get The Perfect Curl Wand Set with these 5 Tips, Tutorials, & Best Reviewed Curl Wands

Get The Perfect Curl Wand Set with these 5 Tips, Tutorials, & Best Reviewed Curl Wandsby: Ro’Shunda of

One of the sauciest and sexiest hairstyles that hit the scene last year was the Curl Wand Set on Natural Hair! Unfortunately, the style faded out a bit but now it’s back and gained more popularity than ever, just in time for the holiday season!

Curl Wand on Natural HairHere’s 5 Tips For A Successful Curl Wand Set:

1. Choose the Perfect Wand: Not all wands are created the same. The size of your wand determines the style of your curls. You may also want to choose a tapered curling wand or a consistent measured curling wand. For smaller curls stick with a 1″ width wand or smaller. For bigger curls choose a wand wider than 1″. Be sure to shop for a ceramic or tourmaline wand for best results.

2. Not Too High: Select a heat preference between 350 to 370 degrees. Give your wand at least 2 to 4 minutes to pre-heat before beginning to style. This will give you a better curl. Our goal is to avoid heat damage so, utilizing the rod no longer than 10 seconds per section of hair is ideal.

3. Hair Preparation: Be sure to use a heat protectant spray and detangle your hair thoroughly before beginning to style. You can create wand curls on either dry or wet hair. You will see the difference with each technique in the video tutorials below. Section your hair into 4 parts and start with the back section.

4. Protect Your Hands: Unfortunately, there is no clamp on the wand to hold your hair in place so, be sure to purchase a wand with a heat resistant glove so that you can easily style your hair without the worries of a third degree burn.

5.  The Perfect Curl: After wrapping your sectioned hair around the curl wand, allow the curl to cool by holding it in a spiral shape after removing the curl from the wand. Continue this process throughout each section of hair for the perfect curls.

Naptural 85 showcased her Casual Loose Curls using The Hot Shot Tools Black Pearl Ceramic Tapered Iron  She prepped her hair the night before using the best twist out ever technique for a full beach wave curl style.

Yolanda Renee gives all the details in a two part wand curls series starting off with hair care prep and ending with blow dried bouncy curls. Her wand of choice was the Eva NYC Wand Curler.

Donedo creates beautiful wand curls on dry, stretched hair. Without a resistant glove, she carefully sculpts curls to a flawless finishes.  Curling Wand Curls 

My Natural Sistas created soft curls and fluffy waves using the Remington Pearl Collection Ceramic Wand on wet hair.

Here’s 3 top selling curl wands, just in case you decide to try this style on your own.

1. The Hot Shot Tools Black Pearl Ceramic Tapered Iron

  • High heat temperatures used by professional stylists
  • Adjustable heat settings for all types of hair
  • Ceramic surfaces give off far infared heat
  • Smooth frizz free styling

2. Remington CI95AC/2 TStudio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

  • Patent pending ceramic pearl technology for the smoothest salon finish ever
  • 1 in to half inch tapered barrel to create variety of curls
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Includes heat protective glove for easy styling

3. Bed Head Curlipops 1″ Tapered Curling Iron Wand

  •  Tourmaline, Ceramic Technology
  • Tapered Barrel
  • Rapid Heat Recovery
  • On/Off Switch
  • “On” indicator Light
  • Worldwide Dual Voltage
  • Silicone Tip & Heat Protective Glove Included
  •  Style Guide Included

Photo Credit: Instagram/MyNaturalSistas

Will you try this style out for an upcoming occasion, date night or just to show off your curls? Let us know below.

Chat soon,

Ro’Shunda | Editor of | Bridal Stylist | Event Producer


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