5 Ways You Know Your Hair Is Healthy

5 Ways You Know Your Hair is Healthy- Muses Uniform Tumblr

Do you know the signs of a healthy head of hair? Some believe it’s all in the length. But it’s a little more than that.  Here are just a few signs that your hair is healthy and more!

Normal Shedding

The average head sheds roughly 100-200 hair strands A DAY!!! Sometimes, I see people going into a panic when they have a handful of hair after protective styling for days or even weeks. It’s okay people, it’s a part of the normal growth cycle. Only be worried if you are experiencing a bald spot, thinning or excessive shedding. Read this to understand the difference between normal shedding and breakage.

Full Head of Hair

Having the same amount of fullness throughout your whole head is a really great sign. Breakage can happen anywhere on the hair shaft but it is most common at the ends. Healthy hair will have minimal breakage. You will not notice various lengths of hair or frail, straggly ends.

Minimal Breakage

If your bathroom floor is covered with small, broken pieces of hair, you have the complete opposite of minimal hair breakage. During regular maintenance such as gentle combing and shampooing, healthy hair will resist breakage. If you notice more breakage than normal, strengthen your hair with a regular deep conditioning treatment, Africa’s Best Organic Hair Mayonnaise is actually one of my favorite deep conditioners.

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Soft & Shiny Hair

Healthy hair will always appear shiny & feel soft to the touch.  These are usually characteristics of hair that is thoroughly moisturized, and that has minimal damage along the hair strand. There are some simple things you can do for softer and shinier hair.

Find these tips listed below with a link for more information:
Oil Rinsing: What is it & Why You Should Be Doing Them
Deep Condition Regularly
Don’t Skip Trims
Remove Product Build-up With a Clarifying Shampoo
Retains Moisture

6 More Tips for Softer Natural Hair

You can moisturize your hair once every 2-3 days and it will stay moisturized.  Without going into a biology lesson, healthy hair has a smooth, flat cuticle that closes to lock in moisture.  This keeps moisture from escaping prematurely. Read, 10 Tips for More Moisturized Natural Hair.

What are some other signs that you know your hair is healthy?

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One thought on “5 Ways You Know Your Hair Is Healthy

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