5 Ways To Make Your Straight Natural Hair Last Longer without Reverting

5 Ways to Keep Natural Hair Straighter Longer
When you go to the beauty shop to get a silk press or blow out, you want it to last longer than a day, right? My most recent silk press lasted for 10 plus days (don’t believe me, check my Instagram) with little or no reversion at all. Here are a few tips to help make your straight natural hair last longer.

Note: If you live in a humid climate, sorry, all these tips may not apply. Check out our post on 6 Tips for Keeping Natural Hair Straight In Humidity.

Keep Those Split Ends At Bay

Split ends can easily hide in curly, coily, kinky hair. But when your hair is straight they’re very visible. They also cause frizz and keep your hair from holding curls. Even if you don’t wear your hair straight but once a year, it’s best to regularly trim your ends. You will see a difference, especially when your hair is straight.

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Opt for Flat Curls

When your hair is natural, it grows in layers. You or your stylist is going to want to curl those layers into bouncy curls. It will be beautiful!!! As soon as you walk outside, all those different lengths and their curls start to do their own thing. The different lengths of curls can look like your hair is reverting. Opt for a smooth, flat silk press with a light curl on the ends. It will be easier to maintain and less likely to revert as easily.

Less Products

You want your hair to remain light and fluffy. Don’t weigh it down with product and be especially careful to avoid water-base products. Anything with water can cause your hair to revert. If you need product for extra shine or manageability, try a silicone product like Chi Silk Infusion or Biosilk Silk Therapy. These products will protect your hair from breakage and humidity.

If you’re anti-silicone, light oils like jojoba, olive, or avocado oil work as well to add shine & prevent breakage.

Avoid Moisture

You may want to avoid hot, steamy showers while your hair is straight. If you can’t resist, keep your headscarf and shower cap on until the room has aired out.

This doesn’t mean you have to stay out of the gym, though. I actually workout 4-6 times in the two weeks my hair was straight. If you sweat in your head, don’t wrap your hair. All your hair will be soaked after your workout. Try a pony tail or workout headband (these are specifically made to whisk away sweat) instead, the trick is to leave your hair up or workout headband on until your hair completely dries.

 Wrap Your Hair

Most of us are no stranger to the wrap. Its the practice of literally combing or brushing your hair so that it wraps around your head. Then, you tie your hair in place with a silk or satin head scarf.

Its a great way to preserve your style, no matter the time of the day. This is especially true if there’s any precipitation or if you’re just getting ready for bed.

5 Ways To Make Your Straight Natural Hair Last Longer without RevertingIf you have a special trick to making a press or blow out last longer, share it in the Comments Section below.


18 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Your Straight Natural Hair Last Longer without Reverting

  1. Gina

    Tight curls when i go to the salon wrap it nightly. Roll it with satin rollers every 3 days, while getting ready in the morning wrap it until it’s time to walk our the door then comb it. Hair still has body- bouncing and behaving hair!

  2. CasandraFullilove

    Would you recommend using a rinse on natural hair that has been shedding for sometime now? Also what are you comments on black tea rinse for shedding hair?

  3. Maris

    I only wrap the first two to three days, then I use a variation of pincurling or bunning. Too much brushing distributes oils from the scalp so my hair gets weighed down. I also use dry shampoo at the center of my head/base of ponytail when working out, it keeps the roots from reverting. I also use a dusting of dry shampoo all over before wrapping if I straightened my hair in hot weather.

  4. Lisa

    I have been natural for about 6 yrs or so. My beautician blows me out straight and does a silk wrap which does very well in fall and winter and beginning of spring. Summer months is the worse. The only downside is when my head gets hot and i get warm it is hard to maintain my wrap. Any suggestions.

  5. Lolisha GLT (@LoeZ4L)

    I have fine hair that gets oily after like, day 1 so I have found DRY SHAMPOO as a lifesaver!! It keeps my hair from being an oil slick and allowing the volume and bounce to last at least a week which is a miracle for me.

  6. Gladys

    Hi Tamara! I was wondering do u offer any classes on growing your website? I am a stay at home mommy to a beautiful baby girl and a wife to an awesome hard working hubby. I want to work from home and I just started blogging. I really want to transition into a business but I don’t really know how to. I’ve been doing lots of research. Do you ever host classes on how to grow your business? If so do you send out emails or invitations so we could know how to register for the class? Also, I know you’re super busy but if you’d have time, may you please check out my page. Again I’m new to this but any advice would help. It’s : http://www.mylifeasgladys.com. I only have 1 post so far. If you can’t check it out that’s fine. I just thought I’d ask. Thank you so much and God bless!

  7. deedee

    I use Fructis Flat Iron Perfector straightening mist on my daughters’ hair and it stays until the next wash…2 to 3 weeks.

  8. Ronda

    Foam flex rods are my fav I section my hair in 2 or 3 parts and place them comfortably, helps hair last up to 2 weeks if committed.

  9. BG

    I recently straightened my hair and I used coconut oil(not too much) on my hair and I’m going on two weeks and hair is still straight!😍

  10. JC

    Hello. What if your natural hair is too short to wrap? I’ve only been natural since 11/2014 and just got it pressed one week ago (but it sweated out in 3 days)? Please help! I’m new to all of this and just been winging it with different products.

  11. Dessie

    Hello, I have just recently decided to transition to natural hair. I currently have about 3 to 4 inches of new growth and I chose not to do the big chop. My biggest issue with my hair is that I sweat in my head so when I do a comb out usually the next day the natural part of my hair has reverted back. It doesn’t look to bad because I have a decent grade of hair but is super thick. How can I manage the sweat (maybe a good product to use) to keep a blow out or silk press which is how I want to ultimately wear my hair. I like the straight look just without relaxing. I do have a great flat iron looking more for product recommendations. Thank you.


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