3 Common Breakage Areas and How to Prevent It

3 Common Breakage Areas and How to Prevent ItBreakage is a very common problem. But the upside, is it’s completely preventable. Here are some tips on how to prevent it in 3 trouble areas; edges, crown (middle) & nape.

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Around Edges

Do you have breakage around the temples? This is called traction alopecia or hair breakage at the hairline which in most cases is caused by excessive pulling or rubbing in that area. Sometimes chemical burns lead to traction alopecia. But tight weaves, wigs, and extension can also be the blame. And watch out for those hair clips and bands.

The first thing, obviously is stop whatever’s causing the breakage. Massaging the temples with castor oil can stimulate regrowth. But some people have shared that castor oil stops working after a certain period of time. Additional oils can be used to encourage growth which is discussed here by Dr. Kari Williams. If you do not see any regrowth after a month or so, its time to go to a dermatologist to determine the true cause and the best course of action.

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In The Crown

Breakage in the crown area can be a little difficult to gauge. For those suffering with hair issues in the center of your head, this area always seems to be the driest, the kinkiest, the hardest to comb, and breakage comes easy. You can read 5 Ways To Prevent Breakage in the Middle of Your Head here.

Around the Nape

What about the nape or kitchen? This is also known as the back of the head.  Your collar, scarf, or any article of clothing that rubs that area is usually the culprit or cause breakage. This is more common in the winter when its necessary to bundle up. You can remedy this breakage by wearing silk or satin accessories.

Another quick fix is to wear a satin bonnet to protect against your winter wear.

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