Fulani Silk Method: A Better Way to Retain Moisture

Fulani Silk Wrap gives your traditional headscarf a moisturizing boost.
by: Ro’Shunda Russell

The Fulani Silk Wrap Method is a process created by the Fulani people in parts of West Africa and Nigeria to combat dryness, promote hair growth and help retain moisture.

The process is simple. You can see for yourself in the video below.  Take a silk scarf long enough to wrap around your hair, wet the scarf with warm water, squeeze out excess water so that the scarf is damp. Next, take an oil of your choice, preferably, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil or palm oil (olive oil & jojoba oil are less likely to clog pores or cause blemishes/acne), pour a small amount into a bowl . Soak your scarf into the oil so that the scarf has been fully coated. Lastly, wrap your scarf around your hair.

Find a Silk Scarf here

You can wear the scarf at night or even all day. The silk scarf makes the hair smoother and shinier as well as provides extreme amounts of moisture which aids in faster hair growth.

The Fulani Silk Method is preferred over the Baggy Method because the baggy method is only recommended for overnight use, it’s not healthy for hair to remain wet, and the baggy method doesn’t allow for your hair to breathe nor dry.

Have your tried the Fulani Silk Wrap Method? Let us know your thoughts below.


9 thoughts on “Fulani Silk Method: A Better Way to Retain Moisture

  1. Chikee

    Not sure about moisturising and sealing a silk scarf before tying it on my head. How about wetting and oiling my hair, then tying a silk scarf. Won’the I get the same effect?

  2. Rochelle Serrell

    I tried this method last night on an old wash and go. The pineapple method does not work for me so I usually just put a silk bonnet on courtesy of ebonnets. However after reading the email I thought I’d try it and low and behold it worked. I will do it again tonight to make sure. I woke up to soft moisturized hair and all I had to do this moring was “shake and go”. Thanks for the tips Tamara. You rock!

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hey Rochelle! *waving* Yay! I’m so happy it worked for you. Pineappling usually doesn’t work for my hair either so now I know I have an alternative. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Marian Gifty Fagbohun

    This is really good. Twofold benefits. It keeps your hair moistures every time and it saves you a lot of time. Results increase growth, less breakage

    1. Rochelle

      Hello Vivi. It’s does work well with the satin scarf. I know in my original post I said silk but it was a satin bonnet that i used first. It works with both. Hope you are having a healthy hair journey.


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