3 Reasons Why I Started Blow Drying My Natural Hair

For a long time, I was anti-heat with the exception of using a hooded dryer for deep conditioning treatments or sitting 20-30 minutes to help set my hairstyle.The No-Heat Challenge has its benefits but also has its limitations.

I rarely flat ironed my hair or blow dried it. And even when I do, I’m happy that I’ve never experienced heat damage in the 7 years I’ve been natural. (Here are 5 Ways To Prevent Heat Damage). Not using heat made me aware some of the common myths associated with Heat and Natural Hair that you can read here.

Early on, I looked at going natural as a much-needed break from my heat appliances.  When I was relaxed, I was a slave to my blow dryer and flat iron. I had a Saturday ritual of shampooing, conditioning, drying and flat ironing my long, thick hair. I can’t tell you the amount of hours lost because of this process.  Rocking a wash and go was my motivation while I was transitioning.

Before I discuss the reasons that I started blow drying my natural hair, let me give my disclaimer. I may blow dry my hair once every other month or so. (It’s like a 30 minute to hour long process.)  I also live in Nevada with very dry heat.  Blow drying my hair too often here would result in lots of breakage (more harm than good).

3 Reason to Start Blow Drying Your Natural Hair It’s very important to use a professional appliance when blow drying natural hair.   I’ve used cheap blow dryers with comb attachments. They get too hot, too fast and do not cool fast enough. This will increase your chances of heat damage.  Chi Deep Brilliance Low EMF Hair Dryer is what I’ve used for the last 3 years and recommend.

The comb attachment is strong and will not break or melt after just a few uses. This is also important because it will glide through your hair with little or no breakage at all. The heat controls also minimize heat damage. I have not experienced any heat damage at all.

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Here are the 3 Reasons Why I Started Blow Drying My Natural Hair

It Gets Rid of the Worst Knots 

The thicker and longer your hair, the more tangles you will have to battle.  Shed hair seems to wrap and knot around individual hair strands creating nasty tangles.  Sometimes the only way for me to get rid of those stubborn tangles was to heat stretch my hair with a blow dryer.  I could really get in there and unravel any knots without breakage.  It also helps to minimize single strand knots (SSKs). 

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Versatility in Hair Styles

With heat stretched hair you can achieve a variety of styles like this one, or this one, and this one. It’s also a good way to minimize and, in most cases, almost eliminate shrinkage. (See 5 Ways To Minimize Shrinkage)

Easier Detangling and Breakage-Free Maintenance

We already discussed this is a good way to eliminate tangles.  This makes for less detangling time between washes.  Less tangles can also mean less breakage.  This isn’t to say you can be careless or that you don’t have to handle your hair with care.  Not at all. It’s just a little easier to manipulate the hair and with less chances of breakage. Remember, hair is less fragile when dry.

If you’re looking for a blow dryer, this is the best one on the market. It’s recommended by professional stylists and used in natural hair salons around the country. Check out more about the Best Blow Dryer for Natural Hair.

Do You Blow Dry Your Natural Hair? What are some reasons why?
Tell us in the comments section below.


18 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Started Blow Drying My Natural Hair

  1. AJ

    Not yet. It’s been a year! But my hair is not very thick or course either. I can see my length wet. I will probably braid and air dry and flat iron in the future for an occasional change.

  2. Tia

    Yep. My hair is stretched/blow dried right now. I just decided to start doing it on a regular basis for every reason u just mentioned 2 weeks ago. I have not flat ironed or put heat to it since then though. I like the full bushy look. I think im going to keep this up for a while, unless I decide to cut my hair.

  3. yolanda

    I’ve noticed more snarls and tangles too. My hair is long and coarse and I am finding that I’m having to blow dry more often instead of when I’m just short on time.

      1. Nikki Goodman

        I live in Las Vegas also and I have the same issue with my hair. It’s almost mid back length and I was anti heat for the first 4 years. I’m in my 5th year and for the past year I have on dried at least once a month. I just find it easier to manage my hair that way and I actually like it blown out. The heat makes it shrink up so darn fast and it sucks. I have yet to find a remedy for that. There may not be one. I keep waiting on a magic product I can use to help me out. And yes welcome to Vegas! I was born here so I’m a native.

  4. Anna

    Have had locks since 1999, thinking about letting them go and sport a short afro,have noticed hair at nape of my neck is becoming straighter any suggestions how to start the process.

    1. Ashall

      Hey I had locs and I think the longer they get the straighter the hair gets because the hair is heavy and the weight pulls the roots straight.

  5. Lisa B

    I agree with you(I know I’m late to the convo) but when you have longer (and thick) hair (my hair is the same length in your pics) You HAVE to blowdry. When I tried not blowdrying my hair, I get more tangles because the hair is longer. It’s like I detangle it(either combing, or with hands) and as soon as I put it down it tangles right back up instantly. So I just started to braid my hair up(or do it in twist all the time), only recently (watching a woman on youtube with longer hair saying similar to what you say) did I start to blow dry my hair. If you have type 4 hair and it is past shoulder length the only way to manage it is blowdrying it or doing twist/braids. It creates LESS tangles, and much easier to manipulate because of the less tangles. Also you still get that fro (kinky hair effect, if you don’t blow dry it straight) so it’s not really straightening either. It also isn’t damaging as long as it’s done like 1 time a month or less.(at least for me it wasn’t and for the youtuber i saw, she said her hair grew more when it was blow dryed due to less breakage from tangles)

      1. Nikki Goodman

        I tried washing every week but as my hair got longer I found it easier to wash every two weeks and I usually blow dry each time. I haven’t seen any adverse effects and I have been doing it for a year now. Do you find it any harder to keep up a weekly wash the longer it grows?

  6. Jasmine

    I haven’t used any heat in my hair in over a year…I’ve always associated heat with damage. One thing I’m learning about being natural is that not everything works or doesn’t work for everyone the same.

  7. Keetah Hudson

    I blow dry my hair every 3-5 months so i can get a trim from my barber. I need more options as i search for a blowdryer with a comb.


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