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3 Natural Hairstyles Perfect for any Work Out

It’s the start of a new year and I know many of you have made the resolution to start working out. The good news is when you go natural you have more style options that give you the flexibility to do so.

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Natural Hairstyles for Working Out

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Two-Strand Twists on Blow Dryed Natural Hair

You want to choose styles that are not prone to frizz like twist outs, braid outs, and bantu knot outs. You also want styles that keep your hair up and out of your way. The goal is to find a low maintenance style that will keep your hair in tact as you work out.  Here are some style recommendations that you can try as you pursue your fitness goals:

Two Strand Twists / Box Braids

This is probably one of the best options because it is a style that requires very little upkeep and allows you to focus more on getting your body fit. There is also little worry that your hair will look to frizzy at the end of a work out.  Plaits have the potential to last a couple of weeks, which gives you the extra flexibility you will need. If you are someone who finds that you need to wash your hair more often when you work out, you can easily cleanse your hair without removing your braids. To keep your hair moisturized you can simply spray your hair with water heavily concentrating on your ends and then seal with your favorite oil and cream. Other than that it pretty much is a get up a go style that is perfect for hitting up the gym.

I love Marley Twists and they are perfect for any work out.

Buns, Pineappling & Puffs

Ponytails are a simple solution and the style practically takes almost no time for you to create. This is the perfect go-to option if you need a quick solution for how to wear your hair to the gym. Here’s an example of Pineappling Natural Hair

I love BUNSSSSSS! I’m all about that Bun Life. Check out the Bun hairstyles and tutorial below

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Alicia James Offers Her Advice for Working Out With Natural Hair

Box Braids/Twist Extensions

Plan on doing some heavy duty workouts? This is yet another choice that allows to keep your hair in tact as you focus on a healthier and fit you. What I love most about this style is that it can endure more activity and rounds of sweat. You can also wash as often as you like without the worry of the style not holding up. If you know that for a month or two you plan on hitting them gym as much of you can this a great option that allows you to moisturize, cleanse when you need to, and also works as a get up and go style.

Solutions for Naturals who Press Their Hair

Even if you mostly wear your hair straight there still is no excuse! There are options for naturals who press their hair is well, which includes: pin curls, wrapping, and french braids. This post on Sporty Afros is a great reference to check out for those who prefer to wear their hair straight.

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What’s Your Plan?

Plan your work out schedule and your hairstyles accordingly. When choosing styles you should consider how often you plan to workout. If you are planning on working out at least 5 days a week the more convenient option would be to go with a long term protective style. However if you are working out less frequently let’s say 3 days a week the simple bun or puff may be the option for you. Don’t let your hair stop you from keeping your body healthy. You can still have fabulous hair and stay in shape with just a bit of minor planning.



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