I’m Having A Baby- Staying home with baby two and loving it!

Baby No. 2 AnnouncementThis month spouse/ baby daddy and I will celebrate 9 yrs of marriage & we are pregnant with our second bambino. We are truly blessed!

The first time I was pregnant I was so terrified. Any excitement I felt was ladened by worry, fear, and anxiety. I was scared of so many things.

Like most first time parents, I wasn’t sure that we could afford a new baby. I was scared that life as I knew it was completely over. I have had so many mothers tell me to forget about my dreams and aspirations. “You become almost non-existent once the baby gets here”, they would say. Oh, and the  “I don’t even what to get started on labor and delivery”. Why is it that every Baby Story on TLC ends in an emergency c-section?

As my husband and I celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary, we are expecting our 2nd baby in March 2015. He is hoping for a girl. But I wouldn’t mind another little boy. Boys are so precious. I’m not saying girls aren’t, but my son has spoiled me.

16 Weeks Baby No. 2Thankfully, I got all my pregnancy jitters out with the first baby, my son. I can fully enjoy the pregnancy without the anxiety. Of course, there is still a little fear… My first pregnancy ended with an induction and emergency c-section. My Prince was almost 42 weeks and not ready to meet me. Once in labor his umbilical cord would tighten around his neck with each contraction and causing his heart rate to drop. Fortunately, both him and I were fine after the delivery. But there’s an emotional healing that takes place after the physical scars of a c-section heal.

Trying to stay positive or looking on the bright side, I will tell you I’m thankful that I’m a good candidate for V-BAC with this baby. This puts my mind a little bit at ease.

OMG… I was so worried about the money the first time around. The hubby was working full-time, but I was just starting my business and working more freelance. Money was consistent, but I knew I would’t have the energy to hustle and grind once the baby got here. I talked about that here

I could never imagine that God would provide through this site. Shortly after my son was born I started to do freelance writing. That brought in about $2000 a month; and all from the comfort of my home office. It has always been my desire to work from home. I’ve done the 9 to 5 with a family; it turns more into a 7 to 7 with the commute. I would only get to see my baby for a couple hours a day. This definitely wasn’t the life I wanted; I wanted to stay home with baby no. one, and now baby no. 2.

After I started doing freelance writing, I was even more determined to figure out ways to make more money. I launched new t-shirt designs in the Natural Hair Rules Store, I experimented with affiliate marketing, but what has been the most profitable is ad revenue for networks like Google Adsense, Yahoo and a few others. (BTW if you have a blog or website, you could be leaving money on the table if you don’t have ads.) I previously shared some resources here.

In regards to my life completely changing, it has… But change is good, right? I couldn’t imagine life without my son. Before having my son, my husband and I were married for 7 years. Our son really brought us even closer together. We are a real family now (if that makes any sense).  I still have many things I want to do like travel internationally, go back to school, and open other businesses. I know I will! Its just a matter of time.

I understand more and more that things happen that are beyond my control; good and bad. I mean, life happens. And that’s ok. Things always work out for the best.

Feel free to leave any questions or congrats in the Comments Section below

24 thoughts on “I’m Having A Baby- Staying home with baby two and loving it!

  1. Mary

    Congratulations!!!! March is a beautiful month to have a baby in. I was born on the 14th of March and my only son was born on the 12th but me and my two sisters were all born in March. Best wishes and prayers to you and your family.

  2. Shane'

    Congrats! May God bless you and your family! Know that you all are in my prayer! May God bless the life that is growing on the inside of you. Children are such a blessing from God!!

  3. Kuanda

    Hi sister,
    I am fairly new to your NHR website and so far I LOVE it. It really helps me out a lot! Babies are a blessing, and I know because I have two little ones myself 🙂 but God has blessed you and will continue to bless you. Thanks for being obedient to our Lord and sharing your journeys with us all. You have a beautiful family and testimony and LOVE the hair #naturalhairrules!!!!!! Stay blessed♡

  4. Nicky

    Congratulations!!!! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and delivery!!! Thank you for sharing your blessings and joy with us!!! You are such an inspiration to me and so many others.


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