7 Reasons Your Natural Hair Is Dry

7 Reasons Your Natural Hair is Dry

If you have ever experienced dry and brittle hair, you’re not alone.  It’s a very common hair issue, but with many causes.  Here are 7 different things that attribute to dry and brittle natural hair with possible solutions.

1. You’re Over Clarifying

Are you going crazy with the bentonite clay treatments or apple cider vinegar rinses? Maybe you didn’t realize your shampoo is a clarifying shampoo vs. a moisturizing shampoo? These things can dry your hair out. This happened to me. But its a quick fix just take it easy on your clarifying treatments.  Space them out a little more or limit them in drier weather.

2. You’re Under Clarifying

Build-up can weigh down hair and keep it from receiving the moisture it needs. This is especially true if you use heavy oils and butters or exclusively co-wash. If your hair feels heavy, overly oily, or even tacky; its time for a clarifying treatment.   Read: 5 More Reasons To Clarify Your Natural Hair

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3. Your Hair is Damage

There are a number of things that can damage your hair. It could be the sun’s rays, winter’s wind, or self-inflicted over processing; just too much heat from your favorite blow dryer/ flat iron. Whatever the case maybe, your hair is dry, brittle, and DAMAGED. It can take your hair weeks or even months to recover, but it is possible. First, cease and desist the hair damaging behavior. Then follow-up with a good trim and deep condition regularly with both a protein and moisturizing deep conditioner to repair weak and broken hair. If you like to make your own here’s a list of 5 DIY Deep Conditioners.

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4. You’ve Skipped Trims

As your hair gets longer, your ends experience wear and tear. This results in dry and unruly ends. The only solution is to remove those dead ends with a trim.  You will want to heat stretch the hair with a blow dryer and cut 1/4 to 1/2 cm above the split ends to fully remove the damage.  This will also ensure an even trim.

5. You’re Moisturizing Improperly

There are tons of products that claim to moisturize hair. But the truth is that water and fully saturating your hair with water is the best way to moisturize. You should moisturize as often as needed. For some that means moisturizing daily with a DIY Moisturizing Spray or water-based moisturizing product.

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6. You’re Eating an Unbalance Diet

Nourish your hair from the inside out.  The best ways to promote healthy hair growth is by eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and taking a daily multivitamin.  Here are 10 Foods That Help Your Hair Grow.

7. You’re Not Moisturizing and Sealing

Whether you use the LOC or LCO method doesn’t really matter. (Although, I do prefer LOC Method with These Products) What matters is that you are first hydrating your hair with water and sealing with either a cream or oil. Water easily evaporates when not locked in with a sealant (a product that seals in moisture).  An oil rinse is also a great solution for adding a little extra moisture boost. Here about it here.

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My favorite sealant especially in the winter is Shea Butter. You can buy Shea Butter on Amazon or any of these other stores.

I hope you found this list helpful.  Here are a couple other post for quick moisture fixes.

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What are some reasons that your hair is dry?

Tell me in the comments section below


7 thoughts on “7 Reasons Your Natural Hair Is Dry

  1. Casandra

    I have been natural for about three years now, no matter what I use my hair is dry and sheds a lot. It grows longer with no problem but keep shedding. I have had color treatments in the past but none for months. I love twists outs but they only hold out for a day or so. Only flat ironed maybe twice in one year. No heat damage. I use pretty good products on my hair.

    1. Emerald

      I used to have undesirable shedding too. What worked for me was pre- pooing with onion/garlic juice & amla oil overnight. So I finger detangled then apply a combination of onion & garlic juice for at least 6 hrs. When dry apply amla oil. Put on plastic cap overnight & let it marinate. Next day shampoo as usual. Did it weekly & by the 8th week my shedding is goooooone!

    1. Emerald

      Hi Deidra. Not sure if Tamara mentioned any garlic or onion oils , but I figured since I mentioned a bit about it, I could also share how I make mine. When I found out about the amazing benefits of onion/ garlic/ amla, I was all gaga for it, but guess what, couldn’t find any of the products in their purest form in my usual health store. So resorted to make my own at home. With onion & garlic I prefer juicing them on the day I do the treatment so I get all the live enzyme benefits straight away. I juice one whole red onion and about 5 cloves of garlic then strain the mixture with a satin cloth to get rid of the residue. I pour the mixture in a spray bottle and massage it on my dry scalp & leave for 1- 6 hrs under a plastic cap. The solution is obviously overpowering for some pipo but you can modify the ingredients to suit your smell. I make my amla oil from the amla powder bought from my local Indian grocery store & infuse it in coconut oil. There is lots of you tubers making amazing videos on how to do this, check out ‘honey golden” & others. After capping the initial onion/ garlic treatment for the desirable time, expose & let it dry 95-98% then apply amla oil on scalp & hair, recap overnight if possible. Next morning shampoo & DC as usual. Hope this helps.

  2. Taylor

    Hi my name is taylor and i don’t know why my natural hair is dry, lifeless, curls are not defined,and breaking off i dont use heat only when i deep condition i need help


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