Wake Up to Beautiful Natural Hair

I Woke Up Like This: 5 Tips For Flawless Natural Hair

Wake Up to Beautiful Natural Hair

I mean everyone can’t be Beyonce. We know she woke up like this…  But from time to time you wake up to hair that’s just, well, less than flawless. This could be because your hair needs a little extra prepping for success the night before.  Use these tips for flawless natural hair in the morning and wake up beautiful.

#1 Moisturize your hair before going to bed.

Before going to bed moisturize your hair so you can wake up to refreshed shiny and flawless natural hair. Use the liquid (preferably water or alternatively a water based product), oil, and cream method to hydrate your tresses. Moisturizing at night also gives your hair time to absorb products so that your hair has the perfect moisture balance without being overly greasy.

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#2 Try the baggy method for those dry spells.

If you hair has been intensely dry lately, and you are short on time, try the baggy method. The baggy method entails you using your favorite conditioner or your own DIY conditioner recipe and leaving it in overnight. You will want to wear a plastic cap over your hair ( baggy)  and also cover with a scarf or two to prevent drippage. Once you rinse out in the morning your hair will be more soft, manageable, and revitalized.

#3 Set your hair in chunky twists or braids.

Not only do chunky braid or twist out sets look amazing, but they are perfect for when you are in you’r feeling a bit lazy or if you simply do not have enough time to get flawless natural hair. Twists and Braids protect your hair from getting tangled or too matted at night, but best of all you will wake up to a more controlled, stretched style (perfect for minimizing shrinkage).

#4  Don’t feel like twisting or braiding? Pineapple your hair.

Trust and believe if you go to bed without at least pineappling (putting it into one big high ponytail) you will find yourself with a breaking matted mess. Kinky textures will mat fairly easily, which also brings breakage. If it has been a long day and you don’t feel like twisting your hair at least use the pineapple method, bare minimum.

#5 Let the steam from the shower refresh your hair.

Instead of hiding your hair in a shower cap, let the steam from the water give those strands a nice dose of moisture.  You don’t have to get your hair wet, you are simply letting your hair naturally absorb the steam from the shower stall.

What do you do at night to make sure you wake up to popping curls and flawless natural hair in the morning?



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