You need to cut his hair…

Tia Mowry Son's Hair Critics: You Need To Cut His HairIts seems like someone always has something to say when it comes to children and their hair.  As a mother of a toddler with natural curly hair, some of the questions or comments are downright rude while others are just out of curiousity, I guess. Tone and inflection can make anything offensive. You know the ones… How do you comb his hair? How often do you comb his hair? When are you going to cut it?

If my child is healthy and clean, why does it matter? Tia Mowry-Hardict had to shut some people down when her 3 y.o son’s hairstyle, two buns was under attack.  Some of her Instagram followers left comments asking her to cut his hair, and saying that long hair and top knots aren’t fit for a little boy to wear.

This was her response:

“I am proud to have a SON that embraces his natural hair :). Hair length does not define your sex. Last I checked a penis and a vagina does. Pick up a book, educate yourself, and embrace cultures outside of your own and maybe you will see that there are PLENTY of MEN wearing top knots and MEN with long hair. Here’s a shout out to all the moms who have boys and girls with natural hair! Live ON!”

Whoop… How do or would you respond to other insisting that you cut your son’s hair?


10 thoughts on “You need to cut his hair…

  1. Kamisha Cook

    That response should have shut them up. My son had twists and buns in his head. It became very difficult for me to comb his hair after he turned 2 because he autism, he didn’t like me combing his hair. Cutting it was my options. It made my life easier and his as well. There are men who still wear their hair in twists. This hair hype is getting out of control now. Too many people with too many stupid opinions.

  2. watermeloneekwa

    Wow we have the same story going on. I also have a son with autism and when he turned 2 last May, he needed his hair cut, he didn’t like having his hair touched! It was starting to dread after only a few days of leaving him alone. So I had to cut his hair into a cute mohawk that’s not very long, and it’s easy to care for I can’t begin to tell you how a weight lifted off of me after I cut his hair. He has naturally curly hair and it’s much like Cree’s hair showed here, and I did his hair EXACTLY like that with the top knots. I’ve traveled a bit myself and men with long hair in different cultures do happen to wear their hair the way Cree has it here. It’s funny because my son looks a little like him too, with the little brownish tints, lol.

  3. jf

    My response wouldn’t have been fit to publish here…if I’d responded at all. Folks need to mind their own business!

  4. Jamia

    When did it become okay to criticize and be rude to children. CHILDREN. It’s not your child and if you don’t like it move along. There is no need for grown women to act so ignorant.

  5. fua

    Tia is my role model ……People should clean up their own mess in their lives before tackling someone’s life. I will keep my yet to be born children’s hair natural from the day their born until.they are ild enough to make their own decisions

  6. Cute&Coily

    Personally, I don’t feel you can TELL someone else what to do with their child… but you can make suggestions…& that’s best only if you are close friends with the parent or asked.

    I think a lot of people have issues with YOUNGER boys with longer hair mainly because they’re often mistaken as GIRLS….which could lead to more issues as they reach school age(Teasing…etc)
    Not necessarily because of the natural texture of their hair.

    I remember back in the 6th grade a boy in our class had naturally long, wavy hair down his back & wore it pulled back into a ponytail. Most of us thought he was a girl until we had to separate into groups & he lined up with the boys…He was teased relentlessly.
    He said his Mom wanted his hair that way…but by 7th grade, he had it cut off.

  7. Sophi

    Since when has it become okay to just make “suggestions” and comments about what someone does or does not do with their child’s hair? How disrespectful. What if you are impeding on someone’s culture or religion with your comments? Just shut up. His hair IS their families business and no one else’s.

  8. J.Michelle

    Hair is just hair, unfortunately in the African-American community young boys don’t have hair. It is fine to cut off a child’s baby curls in order for hair to go back evenly after filling. It isn’t fine for another person to comment on what to do with a child’s hair. I personally adore hair and I’d like for both my boys to have some. As another commenter stated young boys with long hair do get mistaken for little girls. I have no issue with boys having hair as most of the ones I know have their hair left as afros, pulled into pony tails and cornrowed down. The topknot hair style, isn’t ok with me but that is my personal preference. As for Tia and her son, she did right about her choices as a mom and I don’t think she and her husband should cut the child’s hair off unless the child personally asked for it.

  9. Nia

    HAIR IS IMPORTANT TO THE PINEAL GLAND. why do you think they always want us to cut our hair for job or something ? you should never cut the hair. His hair being that long is perfectly fine thought the hair style she has it in could be questionable.


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