4 Tips to Cut Your Styling Time in Half


It seems like every other day there is a new meme, portraying just how long it takes to style natural hair.  All day styling sessions are considered the norm for natural hair. And often times, when women resort to relaxers, time constraints are usually noted as the deciding factor.  Well. that doesn’t have to be the case!  Here are three key tips to cut your styling time in half:

Time Yourself

No, you don’t have to purchase a timer, but remember to watch the clock.  I don’t rush while styling my hair — since that can cause mechanical damage — but I am always mindful of time. Whenever I style, I pay attention to how long it takes each quadrant, each row, and each twist.  When I notice I am taking too long to get through a section of hair, I get myself back on track. Many times, we take a long time to do our hair due to procrastination and distractions.  Some distractions are unavoidable — like kids — but awareness can keep you on task.

Style in Bigger Sections

If it takes too long to style your hair then, try styling your hair in bigger sections.  When I’m short on time — or it’s late at night — I braid or twist my hair in larger sections. In fact, I’ve set my hair on just 2-4 braids. Here are some options:

  • Braid Out – I like doing braid outs, because there is less shrinkage.  To achieve this look, I braid my hair half way or three-quarters of the way then twist the ends.  This results in a more natural looking curl pattern.  When I separate my hair, it does result in more frizz — but I think it makes it look more natural. To reduce frizz, put some oil on your fingers as your separate your curls.
  • Twist Out– When I do a twist out in larger sections, I normally divide my hair in four (4) sections and then do four (4) twists per section. (I cannot do bigger twists in my hair because it causes tangles.)  To reduce frizz, I only fluff the roots. Instead of separating the twists, I let my hair swell naturally in the humidity.

Don’t Part Your Hair

Achieving the perfect part can be time-consuming. But unless you will see the parts, a part is not necessary.  In fact, if you are doing a twist out or braid out, no parts allows it to look more natural.  I simply part with my fingers. It never looks neat. Most times, it is jagged and zig-zagged. But the resulting twistout never has visible parts. It looks effortless.

Have Realistic Expectations for Your Hair

If you expect perfectly coiffed natural hair, your styling time will double. Be ok with pineappling your hair instead of re-twisting your hair every night. Get comfortable with a little frizz.  Transform a frizzy twistout into a cute puff or bun. You’ll be surprised how great your hair will look with a few imperfections. It will look more “natural” and save you tons of time.

How do you cut your styling time?


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