Why I Decided To Use a Keratin Treatment on My 4C Natural Hair

As my 4c hair grows out, in all honesty, it hasn’t been the easiest to detangle.  This made consider a keratin treatment. It wasn’t my goal to change my texture so I can have some waves or spirals. It was done out of needing my hair just to work with me a tad bit more with tangles and breakage. I became so frustrated with my hair that I actually considered cutting it or going back to dreads. After realizing that I really didn’t want to do either of those options I took a leap and I tried keratin.

After seeing this article on Black Girl Long Hair: Why I Made the Controversial Decision to do a DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment, this was another motivating factor for me.

You-Be-Natural-Keratin-Results-1024x1024So far I love the Keratin experience. It didn’t dramatically change my texture, my hair is easier to get through, and most importantly I don’t have icky straight pieces of damaged hair from heat straightening. What it did do is loosen those roots up a bit which I didn’t mind at all and has ,frankly, made that natural life a bit easier.

I ended up doing an at home treatment called You Be-Natural Keratin Treatment, that according to the company is formaldehyde free.

I absolutely loved the results and I would like to share the Pros and Cons of this experience so you can evaluate whether doing something like this is for you:


Hair drying time is extremely fast (in fact cut down to 15 minutes for me)

Your hair loosens up a bit so getting through your detangling sessions will be much easier

It will allow you to transition between straight and curly styles

Reduces the amount of frizz you get even in the summer heat

Less tangles and Breakage


If you take the route that I did it is a major time investment! It took me at least 4 hours.

Going to the salon for a Keratin Treatment can run you up to $100 or more.

If you do not like to use heat this isn’t for you, as heat is used to seal in the Keratin

It will alter your curl pattern slightly by temporarily making it looser. Don’t want your curls altered in any way shape or form? This may not be for you.

Things to Consider:

Women with badly damaged hair hold off from doing a Keratin Treatment until your get your hair’s health in check.

Avoid coloring your hair soon after, wait at least 2 weeks.

Those who decide to do at home kits follow instructions to the letter.

If you are expecting it to dramatically change your hair from kinks to curls, it won’t!

Have you had a Keratin Treatment? What was your experience?

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12 thoughts on “Why I Decided To Use a Keratin Treatment on My 4C Natural Hair

  1. Cateetee

    I am not familiar with Keratin treatments. Is it used as a conditioning treatment or is it more like a relaxer? I know you spoke about loosening curls, so I just wanted a better understanding of the process. I have very tight coils & lately I am having trouble with tangling & knots; not sure if this is what I need…

  2. Linda

    I had this treatment for about two years and my hair thinned out so badly from the heat. I decided to go natural and it was the best decision I’ve ever made about my hair!!

  3. Tamika

    I am considering doing one myself. I have been natural for 3 years and my hair is just ridiculously thick and extremely hard to manage and detangle. This my be my saving grace from going back to relaxers. Thanks for posting!

  4. NoleGirl1999

    I recently got a keratin treatment and my experience was great. It made my hair softer, very little frizz in Florida humidity, more shine, & my style time has been cut in half. My friend on the other hand had her hair done and did not have the same results, the stylist left it on too long. So just be cautious & let the stylist know you want to keep you curls & not interested in having straight hair.

  5. Rachel

    did not find it temporary, AT ALL. I waited for my original curls to return and they did not until the keratin had grown out and was cut off. Even after shampooing with all the stuff that’s supposed to take the keratin treatment out. I would advise that (if you don’t want too dramatic a change) to only run the straighteners over a couple of times.

    1. Shawn strickland

      Hello I am a keratin specialist for natural hair .. What people do not understand is that it is the heat that makes the hair straight not the keratin treatment!! If you flat iron daily or weekly or monthly regardless if u have keratin or not the hair will become straight…. Keratin does not break down the disuliphide bonds in the hair… But heat does… http://Www.shawnthehairdoc.com

  6. Charlotte

    I never have nor would I want a keratin treatment. If the products says it doesn’t have a certain type of ingredients in it, are they really being truthful. I want ever get one.

  7. La Neal

    I use the same kit and love keratin for my hair. Even before the treatment I always found that keratin conditioners worked wonders on my hair. I have not done the treatment in a few months and cannot wait to get my next kit. I do have to say while the keratin does wear off, with repeated use the curl does get looser, so it can be semi-permanent. Basically the curl stays loose but the conditioning benefits wear off. This scared me at first and a lot of stylists deny this. But, my solution has been to process the length of my hair accordingly. In other words my ends get the least number of flat iron passes, the middle a moderate amount, and my roots the most. They do not tell you this in the instructions specifically, but if you adjust according to the instruction chart and consider it for age of hair, not texture or thickness there will be no issues.

    1. Vanessa

      I have had a Keratin treatment and loved it, I am new to natural hair it will be a year in February, so yes I would do the treatment again

  8. MDM

    The word ‘keratin’ in keratin treatment is only a marketing buzzword. However, personally the result of this treatment is quite awesome. But I don’t like the long-term health risks! Therefore, I only take it when I need it most.

  9. Nicky

    Your looks great! When you wear it curly, what do you use? Any moisturizer? What can’t be used on keratin trusted hair? As I Am leave in?


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