10 Ways To Stop Breakage From Happening

10 Ways To Stop Breakage From Happening

We’ve all dealt with at one time or another. Breakage happens…
Although it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate breakage there are some preventative measures that you can take.

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1. Stop The Hair Breaking Behavior

There are 3 common types of breakage: mechanical/manual (breakage from combing or manipulating hair), physical (breakage caused by heat appliances or physical elements such as winter air), and chemical (breakage caused by chemical treatments such as relaxers, Brazilian blow outs, or Keratin Treatments.

What’s important to remember is anything in excess can potential damage and break hair.  But if you notice more breakage or any hair loss, assess your routine and eliminate the hair breaking behavior.

2.  Learn the Best Ways to Handle Your Hair

As my hair gets longer, I have to make gradual changes to care for my hair.  That means preventing breakage by sometimes pre-pooing (pre-shampoo treatment) with coconut oil, using olive & coconut oil for an oil rinse, and shampooing my hair in twists or plaits.  Experiment with extra measures to minimize breakage in your hair.

3. Deep Condition Regularly

I deep condition my hair almost weekly to add an extra boost of moisture and breakage prevention.  After deep conditioning with any one of these 5 deep conditioners, you’ll notice less breakage and shedding.

4. Detangle Damp Hair Not Wet Hair

Hair is its most fragile when wet. If you have highly textured hair that tangles easily, its best to lightly mist hair and detangle with a wide tooth comb before shampooing.  Shampooing in plaits or jumbo twists also prevents tangles and breakage.  Read more on detangling damp hair vs. wet hair

5. Trim Those Dead Ends

I know if seems counterproductive when you’re trying to grow your hair. But removing split ends is the only way to prevent further damage on other parts of the same hair strand where split ends are present. Whether you “search and destroy”, “dust”, or allow a professional stylist to trim your hair, it will help keep it in optimal shape and decrease breakage.

6. Choose The Best Detangling Tool

There are tons of detangling tools and some are better than others when it comes to detangling with little or no damage at all.  Tools like the Tangle Teezer (Tangle Teezer has been nicknamed the ‘Shredder’ by some.)  The best detangling tool regards of hair type is a seamless wide tooth comb.  NHR Contributor, Latoya swears that this $20 comb is worth every penny.

7. Moisturize Your Hair As Needed

Hair needs the perfect balance of moisture and protein to remain healthy or breakage free.  Here’s a great visual demonstration on how that works.  Hydrated hair is not easily broken. If you notice popping of hair strands, that’s a good sign that moisture is needed.

8. Don’t Over Do It With Moisturizing

There is a such thing as over moisturizing. Your hair will feel spongy with you deep condition overnight, baggy or practice the greenhouse effect too often. You can remedy this by incorporating a protein-based deep conditioning treatment. You can read more about Protein Deep Conditioners.

9. Pay Due Respect To Your Scalp

A healthy scalp is essential to growing healthy hair.  Cleansing your scalp at least bi-weekly and keeping scalp moisturize can prevent hair loss and scalp irritation. 4 Must-Have for Your Scalp.

10. Give Your Ends Extra TLC

Your ends are both the oldest part of your hair and the most fragile.  They need a little extra attention.  Make sure you have your ends covered by applying product from ends to roots.  This is especially important when using the LOC method to moisturize hair.

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8 thoughts on “10 Ways To Stop Breakage From Happening

  1. JC

    I have been natural all my life but unfortunately, I have a lot of breakage. I have tried different methods but they do not seem to work. i always keep my hair in a protective hairstyle that is not tight and with low manipulation. I deep condition regularly and do everything I’m supposed to do. I am trying to grow my hair out but its remained shoulder length. Help!

    1. Marley

      JC you say you keep your hair in protective styles…moisture may be the issue. If you are able to access all of your hair to make sure it is mositurized it may lead to breakage.

    2. keda

      Try a protein treatment. Followed by deep conditioning. Your hair might not be strong enough. .The protein should help with strength and the follow up deep conditioner should make sure it isn’t too hard. You can use aphogee or a simple but very good homemade protein treatment using plain unflavoured gelatine u can find in the grocery aisle by the jello.

  2. Sarah Samuel

    Nice article, but alas I’m not feeling my natural hair right now, I was about to do a second bc but decided to see a dermatologist first who informed me that years of tight braids for protective styling has ultimately caused severe damage. And with this tx do not braid or twist or manipulate the scalp inane way, shape or form, they then prescribed a somewhat potent topical tx as a last ditch effort and explained that this was all that could be done.
    I do take full responsibility for what i am now experiencing, and have decided if the tx has not been effective will bc it completely all off, keeping it short always, but that is way down the line from writing this now due to the dermatologist prescribing 12months supply of tx. Guess the stress from school did not help either. Cest-la-vie!

  3. janell

    Hello, My hair sheds/breaks when I wash it. As soon as the water hits it I see tons of strains going down the drain. I shampoo, more strains, condition put in sections and detangle more strains. Rinse more strains, Towel dry more strains, rub my hand over my head more strains, the comb is filled with hair. Idk what’s wrong. Help please.

  4. robbi

    I had really bad hair breakage last year – it was from getting too many perms and running my blow drier too hot – Im in a rush sometimes! Now I use the Shielo Intensive Hair Mask ONLY once per week, and my hair has gotten stronger and doesnt break ever time I get a perm!

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